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Everyone encounters "Zashiki Warashi", and there is nothing to see,
I do not want to experience the "strange feeling of freshness" that can not be felt in the city with invisible power.
  • During the dawn

    Room where many mysterious things are seen.It is a relaxing space where you can get to sleep with Sue and wonder.
    14 square meters + 10 square meters
  • Between white birch

    Spirit watching sightings! Rooms with lots of topics.It is a spacious space filled with bright sunlight.
    21 square meters
  • Between swans

    Room where the spirit watashi comes to play often.It is an interesting space where Mr. Masashi appears in my dream.
    10 square meters + 7 square meters
  • During the double cherry blossoms

    Rooms that often see orbs that feel warmth.It is a small and quiet space that feels very nostalgic.
    14 Square Meter Room
    There is the same type of room / between Wakutake, Between red plums

Guest Room Equipment

Number of rooms

Total number of rooms - room:Japanese Style Room 14 rooms

Room supplement

14 square meters / 21 square meters / 14 square meters + 10 square meters / 10 square meters + 7 square meters.

Standard room facilities

Some rooms Bathroom / All rooms Air conditioning / Television / Refrigerator(There is chargeable drink)


Bath towel / hand towel / toothbrush·Toothpaste / Yukata / Duvet

Supplement for amenity

Shaving fee

Facility content

Banquet Hall

Service & Leisure (including arrangement)

Massage(Toll) / Shogi / Go Go / Mahjong(Toll)

Credit cards available locally

Payment of credit cards can not be done on site.

Standard check-in time


Standard checkout time