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Many dishes that are particular about "Local Produce Season consume"
Enjoy Aizu's local, seasonal, and local recipes.
  • Many dishes that are particular about "Local Produce Season consume"

    A number of heavenly gifts brought up in the land of Aizu.
    At this facility, we value the history and culture of the local area and use traditional cooking methods.
    We serve customers' meals based on local cuisine.

    In addition, cook seasonal local ingredients to fit the tastes of modern people,
    The chefs cook with the theme of fusion of local cuisine and kaiseki cuisine.
    "Aizu Local Kaiseki Meal Menu" is Aizu History and culture.
    And a message to the "travelers".
  • 【Breakfast】 Breakfast

    【Aizu's Local Production for Local Consumption breakfast"Ofukuro viking"】
    Since about 20 years ago, this facility has been pioneering nationwide for "Local Production for Local Consumption".
    At the ryokan, we have reformed the "Hare no Hi" dishes that were common at the ryokan into "Ke no Hi" dishes that are based on local ingredients and local dishes while being simple.

    It is because of the fact that nowadays, it is called "Aizu Local Kaiseki Meal Menu" by making good use of both "Hare" and "Ke".

    【Hare no Hi and Ke no Hi? 】
    Since ancient times, the Japanese have called the usual day of life as "Ke" day, and the day of festivals and annual events as "Hare" day.At ryokan, it is generally said that "luxury food for celebration" is "Hare" and "daily food such as local dishes" is "Ke".
    Especially, breakfast is a style that started to embody the hospitality of "Arazucchi is a horrible little rice (please eat until you are full)", which is the definition of Aizu's feast, for about 20 years. It has been featured in various magazines and TV media since before.
    Today, slow-food culture has taken root in Japan, and local-style breakfast buffets are not uncommon, but at that time it was a truly unusual style.
    In addition, "Ofukuro viking" means that when the daughter-in-law and the son who left the local area return to their parents' home, they want their mother to eat the local taste to the fullest extent. It was named after the idea.
    Therefore, the "Ofukuro viking" has a "buffet" style with a focus on local ingredients and local cuisine., Enjoy the breakfast at the property.
  • 【dinner】 Dinner

    We provide carefully selected ingredients of Aizu season, mainly local ingredients, to our customers.
  • 【Carefully Selected Foods】 Select ingredients part 1

    We provide carefully selected ingredients of Aizu season, mainly local ingredients, to our customers.

    【Aizu Horsemeat(Cherry Blossoms)】 Aizu-Horse meat
    Aizu Horsemeat is a dish that is so close to Aizu's life that you can get it at most supermarkets in the city.The horse meat of this facility is made from the finest marbling meat that is generally not distributed and can only collect 1.5 kg.

    【Aizu Chicken】 Aizu-Chicken
    Aizu local chicken is a valuable that was introduced to the Aizu region in the Tensho Years and has been kept pure for 400 years without crossing with other chicken species.Please enjoy the rich and rich flavor that is used even in high-class restaurants in Tokyo.

    【Aizu's Black Hair Wagyu】 Aizu-Beef
    Aizu's Black Hair Wagyu is raised on a farm with one or two heads of salted salt.Aizu's Japanese black beef is a rare and very delicious beef that is comparable to Matsuzaka Beef and Yonezawa Beef.
  • 【Carefully Selected Foods】 Select ingredients part 2

    【Aizu tofu】

    "Tokuitsu", the founder of Aizu Buddism, who created the "Saicho controversy" in Saicho and Kukai with Saicho, brought tofu culture to Aizu.This is why there are many Tofu dishes in Aizu cuisine.


    Aizu rice has a quality comparable to the nationally famous "Uonuma's Koshihikari".This facility boasts rice lavishly grown in the delicious groundwater of Mt Bandai.We also use the finest golden rice in the morning rice cake.


    The sashimi at this facility uses fresh fish grown in the groundwater of Mt Bandai.Aizu Yukimasu, which has rock-fish and sea fish sealed in the land and has the advantages of both freshwater fish and sea fish, is a gem that can only be tasted at this facility.

  • Chief Chef Greetings

    At "Shousuke no Yado Waterfall no Yu", we focus on local ingredients.
    We carefully select seasonal items and provide them to our customers.

    Aizu's local taste,
    The delicious contrast that the chief chef confidently recommends will stimulate your stomach.

    The chefs at this facility will cook wholeheartedly the ingredients that local producers have worked hard.

    The real pleasure of traveling is to taste the local things ……
    Please enjoy the "bond" between Aizu and Aizu people.