There are plenty of stories to decorate the Ainu!

【Official】Shucho-no-ie' Hot Spring Inn

The “Shucho-no-ie” is the only place in the Shiretoko Peninsula, a true indigenous “Ainu” lodging.

Shucho-no-ie is located in Utoro, the center of Shiretoko tourism, close to the fishing port and the pleasure boat stop.
It is convenient "inn / inn".
 Utoro Onsen It boasts 100% natural hot spring and is popular.
The genuine Ainu ornaments, tools, musical instruments etc are displayed in the facility!


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Hotel Name

Shucho-no-ie' Hot Spring Inn


124 Utoro Higashi, Shari Town, Shari County, Hokkaido Prefecture

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5 minutes walk from Utoro bus terminal! Utoro Port is a 3-minute walk!

Transfer available
Since it is about 5 minutes on foot from the bus stop, we basically ask you to walk away, but for those with handicapped people such as elderly people, we will be taking a pick-up service.
Also, we will pick you up from the nature center, such as during winter when bus use time is inconvenient.
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Hotel Facilities

  • Handicrafts and accessories of Ainu, costumes, wood carved work etc.

    Beside the inn, there are Ainu folk crafts and decorations, costumes, carved wood carvings, and local pottery pottery shops.
    A selection of items that carefully selected only the items that the shop owner himself decided to like and liked.
    It is a funny shop where regulars also have local people.
    Please take a leisurely handmade work and look at the work and touch it when you stay.

Outdoor information

  • Cruiser Pleasure Boat Pack

    Shiretoko Peninsula is a peninsula protruding long in the Okhotsk Ocean of Okhotsk Ocean.I can not go from the road to the end.Why do not you explore the cruiser ship on the peninsula with a surprisingly steep cliff!
    Tourism on cruise in Shiretoko Peninsula is popular, and reservations are secure for boarding.
    For those who apply for accommodation packs, we will make a boarding reservation here.
    Please inform us of the date of hope for boarding and the desired boarding time at the time of application.

    ●Mt Io course (About 1 hour)
     4/15 to 10 / late
     8: 15 11: 00 14: 15 16: 15, there are also temporary flights
    ●Bear beach watching course
     08: 30, 15: 15
    ●Shiretoko Cape Course (about 3 hours), from June to September
     09: 30, 13: 15

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