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Hotel Facilities

  • front desk

    Check in / 16: 00
    Check out / 10: 00

    ※We have stored your luggage before check-in / check-in.Please feel free to ask the front desk.
    ※Security BOX is not provided in each guest room.Valuables are deposited at the front desk.
  • lobby

    As a meeting space you can relax and unwind.
  • PC corner

    You can use it for 24 hours.
    Please ask the front desk when using.

    * Print out: 30 yen / 1 piece
  • Lounge

Total number of rooms

37 rooms(Western-style room 36 rooms / Japanese-style room 1 room)

Room breakdown

Western-style Room: 24 single rooms(Smoking 15 rooms / No smoking 9 rooms) , 6 double rooms(3 smoking rooms / 3 non-smoking rooms) , Semi double rooms 4 rooms(4 non-smoking rooms) , 2 twin rooms (1 room smoking / 1 non smoking room)
Japanese Style: 14 square meters(Non-smoking)

Standard room facilities

Bath / toilet (shower toilet) / shower / air conditioning / television / fridge (it is empty refrigerator that you can bring in) / feather duvet

Internet related

【All rooms available】
Connection method:Wired LAN / Wireless LAN
PC rental:No
Internet connection: Free, * All rooms Optical connection free Wi-Fi


Hand towel / toothbrush·Toothpaste / bath towel / shampoo(Rinse in) / Body soap / Yukata / Dryer / Shaving


◎ Cleaning service, * Y shirt only
※We will take care of you at checkout time and handover will be in the evening.

◎ For disabled customers
When going up and down from 1F to 2F, the staff will carry your luggage.
 Please feel free to ask


◇ Loan item ◇
Humidifier / trouser press / iron / hair dryer / mobile phone·Smartphone charger *
* Battery charger for mobile phones / smartphones will be loaned on deposit (2,000 yen) deposit.
 The deposit will be refunded at the time of returning the charger.

※Please contact the front desk as the number is limited.

◇ Adding a towel ◇
·towel(Big) / Bath towel: 200 yen
·towel(small) / Face towel: 100 yen

◇ Sale ◇
Umbrella: ¥ 600
detergent, comb, Hair brush: 50 yen
Shampoo & rinse: 200 yen
Disposable slippers: 100 yen

◇ Communication service ◇
Copy: 20 yen / 1 piece
FAX transmission: 50 yen / 1 line
FAX reception: 10 yen / 1 line

Credit cards available locally

In case of direct reservation by telephone, payment of cash · credit card is possible.
Accommodation from each reservation site is based on payment rules of reservation site.

Check in time


Check out time



Please feel free to relax during your stay.
Please also use it for a meeting.

Supplement for facility within facility

● Emergency facilities broadcasting facilities:Present
● Vending machine: soft drink only (1 F)

Cancellation provisions

【6 days ago - 1 day ago】 50% of the room charge
【On the day of arrival】 100% of the accommodation fee
【Cancellation without any contact】 100% of the accommodation fee

※In the case of reservation from each reservation site, there will be priority if there is a default cancel setting for each accommodation plan.