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Hot Springs

Soak in moisture

All rooms are separated and have a semi-open-air bath that flows directly from the source.

Private space surrounded by trees.
Takedao Onsen are all monopolized in nature.

The hot spring flowing directly from the source has a radon-containing quality that is rare in Kansai.
Your skin will be smooth and your mind and body will be hydrated.
  • Takedao Ichigo Onsen(Medical Springs)

    ≡ Large public bath ≡
    ◇Kawasemi-no-yu/Indoor bath / outdoor bath:Flowing from the source*For ladies only
    ◇Yamasemi-no-yu/Indoor bath / outdoor bath:Flowing from the source*Exclusive use

    ≡ Footbath ≡
    Free flowing Hot Springs directly from the source

    ≡ All guest rooms ≡
    Semi-open-air bath that flows directly from the source
    Hot spring bath hours
    24H(Not available for cleaning from 9am to 11am)
    Hot spring qualities
    Simple weak radioactive hot spring
    ≪Shampoo, conditioner, body soap≫
    Was born in Paris of the long-established DETAILLE and the collaboration of the POLA, lady of hair care & Body Series
    Recovery from fatigue, gastrointestinal illness, skin disease, neuralgia, muscle pain, sickness, poor circulation, gynecological illness, hypertension, gout, etc.