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Appearance in nature

There is Bettei Azare on a hill in the valley.
The nature of the mountains, which is dyed in the colors of the clear stream and the four seasons, can be said to be a Bettei" only for customers who use Azare

You can immerse yourself in your own world in a remote room that values your privacy.
  • Utatane Type (doze off type)

    We have prepared a daybed in the room.
    Please spend an ennui moment.
  • Crystal Room Type

    A modern room partitioned by glass.
    Nature outside the window of a spacious bathtub
  • Sun Terrace Type

    The nature outside the window spreads like a Bettei.
    Morning bird watching ...
  • Onsen Hitorijime Type (get onsen all to yourself type)

    All rooms on the 2nd floor are semi-open-air baths.
    The living room and bedroom are on the first floor ...
  • Basic rate for accommodation

    【Room Charge(Room charge)】(Price changes depending on the season)

    ◇2 people per room:46,000 yen
    ◇3 people per room:48,000 yen
    ◇4 people per room:52,000 yen

    *Dinner and breakfast charges are not included.
    12 rooms x 2 to 4 people each) Can accommodate up to 48 people
    Guest room features
    all rooms:With a semi-open-air bath that flows directly from the source, twin beds, and a Western-style modern living room
    Number of rooms
    Remote form:12 rooms in total
    Smoking or non-smoking
    Non-smoking throughout the building Smoking is allowed on the terrace
    *All prices include taxes and service charges.
    *We do not have karaoke.Please understand.
    *We do not set child charges.
    *Please refrain from bringing pets
    *For group bookings, please contact us.
    *All reservations are required.
    Check In
    *Payment has been made at check-in.
    Check Out
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    ≡ All rooms ≡
    ・Free drink refrigerator & minibar(Contents may change due to circumstances.)
     /beer, tea, juice:4 each
     /Chuhai Coca-Cola Sports Drink:2 each
     /Mineral water(2L):One
    ・Shower toilet
    ・Air conditioning,Floor heating equipped
    ・TV (satellite broadcasting) & DVD deck
    ・Internet connection Free WiFi installation*We do not rent out PCs.
    ・Bath towel,Hand towel
    ・Shampoo,Hair conditioner,Body soap,Soap
    ・Shower cap
    ・Toothbrush kit
    ・Cotton swabs
    ・Comb,Hair brush

Outline of facility

banquet hall/Lounge/No-smoking room

Usage guide

Room service to your room
and porter service,
No valet service.

Locally available credit card

JCB / Visa / Master/American Express / UC / DC / Diners Club