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  • Echizen crab course

  • Grilled abalone shellfish

  • Fugu Sankei course

  • Sweet shrimp large plate

  • Shellfish

  • Three kinds of bowl

  • Seasonal sashimi boat


  • Echizen Crab

    From 6th November to 20th March the fishermen lifting
    Specifically, please see "Echizen crab of Heisei".
  • Abalone

    April to October
    You can enjoy fresh sashimi using freshness and grilled seashells.
  • Tiger

    March to May
    Tanginess, you can have a course of Fugu as well as a single piece of course.
  • Sweet shrimp

    September to February
    You can enjoy sashimi that filled the plate.
  • A

    We will deliver fresh and caught fish, together with shells.