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Neighborhood tourist facilities

Kunimigaoka, the Land of Tenson Korin 15 minutes by car

Please refresh your mind and body with Takachiho, Land of Tenson Korin (the Descent from the Heavens)

Kunimigaoka depends on your luck whether the sea of clouds will come out, but it is a sacred place where you can enjoy the refreshing air of the morning.

Tourist information

It is a 5-minute walk to Takachiho Shrine
Our ryokan stands in the center of the city, so you can access various spots.
  • Power spot

    • Takachiho Shrine

      5 minutes walk from our hotel.
    • Traditional performing arts Yokagura (ancient dance rituals at night)

      Every day from 20:00 to 21:00, a one-hour performance is held at Yoko Kagura-den Hall in the precincts of Takachiho Shrine.
    • Iwato Shrine

      15 minutes by car from the hotel to Iwato Shrine Amano Yasukawara is a 15 minutes walk from Iwato Shrine
    • Amano Yasukawara

      15 minute walk from Iwato Shrine
    • Amanomanai(Amanomanai)

      A 10-minute walk from the hotel It is said that the spring water of Takachiho Gorge comes from Tenmanai Amanomanai.
      Kushifuru Shrine Aratate Shrine is nearby.
  • Nature

    • Sea of clouds of Kunimigaoka, Land of Tenson Korin (the Descent from the Heavens)

      15 minutes by car Whether or not a sea of clouds appears depends on luck, but it is very easy to see mainly from September to December.
    • Takachiho Gorge

      It is a 15-minute walk from the hotel, but there is a very steep slope. It takes 5 minutes by car, so we recommend that you come by car.