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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ★Introduction of one dish★

    Konya, we also have one dish.

    Snow crab(one sheet), ... ¥ 2,700
    Grilled salt slices, Or boil it ... ¥ 2,700
    Seasonal Tengoku Roses AssortedContinue reading
  • ★About dinner and breakfast time★

    ★About dinner time★
    From 18: 00(Final start time 19:30)
    We will confirm the time of your choice at check-in.
    Also, if you check in after 20:Continue reading
  • 【Caution】To customers who are considering a day-trip hot spring

    I am very sorry for those who are considering using the day-trip hot spring,
    We are sorry to inform you that we can not use only the day-triContinue reading
  • ★About the correspondence of food allergy★

    "Izumo Soba" is one of the specialty products of Shimane Prefecture here.
    We prepare this Izumo Soba at dinner time and sweets made from bucContinue reading
  • ★For car navigation users★

    Depending on the type of car navigation system, there seems to be sometimes guided to the back of the inn.

    The entrance of the inn is in frContinue reading
  • ★About transport access★

    Our ryokan is located along the Tamayu River.
    When entering from National Highway No. 9, it will be the second on the right from the entrancContinue reading
  • ★About use time of public bath

    ★Information on the public bath★
    There are three large public baths in this hotel.
    One of them is a bath with a male and female exchange sysContinue reading
  • Information concerning change of cancellation fee / personnel after reservation · attention

    ★Please note that cancellation of accommodation plan after application, cancellation fee will apply for changes of personnel etc after the fContinue reading
  • ★About use and reservation of private bath (charge)★

    Tamatsukuri Onsen has also appeared in Izumo Gods, Kojiki, Nihonshoki, and Makura no soshi

    "Private bath" of our inn

    ·One time 45 minutes Continue reading
  • ★Full packed benefits! ★edge★Based on the concept of Kizuna "wish"

    ★edge★bonds★A wish★Izumo-Oyashiro Shrine related land. It is a hotel of taste, hot water, hospitality.

    ★We will meet you with green tea andContinue reading
  • ★Information on non-smoking room, smoking room, deodorizing compliance★

    ★There is no complete non-smoking room in this inn.

    ★Non-smoking room is requested We will deodorize and deodorize with deodorant etc for cContinue reading
  • ★All sites except smoking corner of entrance are non smoking in facilities☆

    Guests are allowed to smoke only in the rooms.

    Smoking in places such as lobby and corridors, people going to and other places outside the Continue reading
  • ★Guide for supplementary price of room meal dinner 2,160 yen★

    ★If you would like to have room meal dinner
    Adults, children will increase by 2,160 yen.
    Please inform us of your request at the time of resContinue reading
  • ★For dinner place both dinner and breakfast basic meal venue

    ★Meal place★
    Seasonal taste of Shimane, Lake Shinji, Sea of ​​Japan Freshly prepared dishes You can enjoy your cuisine to your heart's conteContinue reading
  • ★No need to make a reservation for free transfer ⇒ contact us after arrival OK

    ★Guide for pickup★

    JR Tamatsukurionsen Station Hotel Hazama (About 10 minutes)


    Expressway Bus Tamatsukuri Bus Stop ⇔ Hotel Hazama(AbouContinue reading
  • ★Elementary school students, infants and infants.With or without futon

    ★Apart from the price for adults,
    Hotspring tax adult 150 yen【Children / elementary school students or less are free (0 to 12 years old】I wiContinue reading
  • ★Kasenn-Tei at Hansei-tei only 2 rooms with a popular outdoor bath in our room★

    ★18 floored Japanese-style rooms with 2 outdoor hot-spring rooms in Kasenn-Tei in our hospital.Because it is a popular room we recommend youContinue reading
  • What is the popular event on "marriage"? What? ⇒ red ribbon

    The most popular event in the facility (?),
    Is the commemorative photograph the most number?
    There is "Ribbon of marriage".

    Love fulfillmenContinue reading
  • ★No reservation is necessary for free outdoor parking lot.

    There is a free outdoor parking lot that can be set as few as 80 in a few minutes' walk from the hotel.
    There is a private car private spaceContinue reading
  • Where is Tamatsukuriyu Shrine?

    Tamatsukuriyu Shrine is a little bit of Tamatsukuriyu Onsen.
    Konya goes past the front of “Tamatsukuri Onsen Yuyu”.

    Approximately 10 minuContinue reading
  • Do you support barrier-free?

    Although it is very troubling you,
    There are almost no such things as slopes and handrails in the hotel.
    Especially, the female public bath Continue reading
  • I want to stay with my pet!

    I'm sorry.
    No pet is allowed.

    There is a pet storage and lodging facility within a 5-minute walk from the inn, so please use that.

    ■NameContinue reading

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