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Izumokamigami marriage


  • Myths and towns, Holy land of Japan.
    Blessed with the relationship with Izumo Country, more than 300 years.
    At Tamatsukuri Onsen, which is praised as a god's hot, it has been given the role of serving travelers.
    It leads to happiness, connecting all of the edge Izumo of the gods.
    I would like you to deepen your bonds with important people through a journey in the hot water of the gods around the relevant land.

    It is a wish of the Konya.

"Konya" electronic brochure

Konya"Edge" story

  • "Environment" with Tamatsukuri Onsen

    In the old days, Tamatsukuri Onsen that hot water Koresuke who entered divided the mountain chasing the White Deer is handed down and was dug in the deer of the Annunciation.
    In the "Izumo no kuni Fudoki" compiled in the Nara era, it is stated that people were gathering and enjoying the party seeking beauty and health in the tap water of the river called God's bath.
    In connection with this, this facility has been operating an indigo shop at Tamatsukuri Onsen the Kyoho Years of the Edo (time period), and provided accommodations for those visiting the spa.
    Ina Meiji 26 founded the inn "Yonago".In 1951, we washed the indigo dyed cloth with Tamayu River, connected the history thread as an indigo store (Konoya) which had finished in a beautiful dark blue color, renamed the shop name "Konaya".
    Currently it is name as "Konya".
  • "Environment" with Izumo-Oyashiro Shrine

    Please join our hearts as many times as possible to visit you as many people as you want to go to "the heart of yu tei".Like a spa that springs out like a steaming hot water like a white ball, a red and a blue ball, it is a blissful "Yutei Konaya"
    This gift is a verse from the Izumo-Oyashiro Shrine President, Michihiko Senge Senie, who received this facility.
    Together with the predecessor · Aoto Koichi, we will have a relationship of friendship that leads to today.
    It is a number of words that will be the signposts of making a suitable accommodation for Tamatsukuri, which was praised as the villain of God 's tomboy on the Izumo standing on Yakumo.
    Appearance of hospitality aim of Konya is located in here.
    ※"Yutei Konaya" changed the shop name and became "Izumo Shrine Enmusubi Hotel Konya".
  • "Edge" with a grand ball

    If traced the origin Konya of the family crest of the "right three horse", you signed an edge in jewels is a symbol of Tamatsukuri Onsen
    As a talisman of embarrassment and fortune-telling, and also a slogan that has been worshiped as three kinds of sacred treasure lined with mirrors and swords.
    Tamatsukuri's land is one of Japan' s leading production areas from the ancient Izumo, and a good quality gem was made with blue agate and jasper mined in Hesennyama in the east of the hot spring town.
    The place name of Tamatsukuri is also derived from a slogan.
    If you explore the ball creation historic sites and the Izumo Tamakusa museum scattered around the area, you will be able to touch the spiritual power of the beacon beyond the spacetime.