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  • Dinner

    Cooking hot springs.We enjoy "Izumo Honzen" of the specialty of the Konya, and I will do hospitality.

    "Izumo Honzen" which is said to have served seasonal products on the meals and bowls, served in front of the gods.
    Inheriting that tradition, I am hospitable as a specialty dish which added creative ingenuity in the way of the Konya.
    Feast on local treasures cherished by our chef, including Shimane Wagyu, Oki Matsuba Crab, Nodoguro from the Sea of Japan, and fresh octopus. Indulge in the meticulously crafted 'Izumo Honzen,' a culinary masterpiece that reflects the spirit of the Heisei era. Enjoy a leisurely and blissful evening.
    • The evening's party is a specialty of the Konya"Izumo Honzen"

  • Dining Hall

    In order to enjoy the delicious cuisine of the seasonal taste of Shimane, Lake Shinji, Sea of ​​Japan, to your heart's content,
    We will do hospitality for breakfast and dinner at the restaurant.

    Dinner may not be available after 7:30 pm.
    Please also note that even if you arrive late and are unable to enjoy dinner, we will not be able to refund the dinner fee.
    If you are likely to arrive late, please reserve plan without dinner in advance.
  • Breakfast

    Luxury of travel.Wake up with miso soup made with freshwater clams, the source of Japanese energy. "breakfast”

    White rice from Shimane Prefecture, miso soup with freshwater clams from Lake Shinji, grilled seasonal dried fish, boiled tofu and pickles...
    Tailored with local ingredients, this is Japanese breakfast.
    Please spend a relaxing time in the morning, which seems to be commonplace and can not be easily reached.
    • The most extravagance of the trip is "breakfast"


      White rice from Shimane Prefecture


      Miso soup with clams


      small bowl


      Matsue specialty Suto Kamaboko


      Seasonal fish dried fish


      Simmered tofu


      Assorted pickles



      This is an example of a menu

      It may vary depending on the season and plan.

An anniversary addition guide option

  • Cake

    An indispensable cake for celebrations.We will order from the cake shop in Tamatsukuri Onsen.
    Please select your favorite cake and make a reservation at least 3 days in advance.

    Raw cream decoration
    It is a standard sandwich of strawberries.Garnish with 4 types of fruit.

    Fruit field
    The top of the cake is decorated with seasonal fruits, making it a gorgeous cake.

    Raw chocolate decoration
    It is a crisp chocolate cake that sandwich strawberries and cream.

    Gateau chocolat
    It is a cake sandwiching chocolate cream without using cream.
  • Cake, Arrangement fee

    【Raw cream decoration】
    No. 4 (12cm) 2100 yen
    No. 5 (15cm) 3100 yen
    Size 6 (18cm) 3900 yen
    No. 7 (21cm) 5,100 yen
    Size 8 (24cm) 7900 yen

    【Fruit field】
    No. 4 2250 yen
    No. 5 3500 yen
    No. 6 4200 yen
    No. 7 5400 yen
    No. 8 8300 yen

    【Raw chocolate decoration】
    No. 4 2400 yen
    No. 5 3500 yen
    No. 6 4200 yen
    No. 7 5400 yen
    No. 8 8300 yen

    【Gateau chocolat】
    No. 4 2400 yen
    No. 5 3500 yen
    No. 6 4200 yen
    No. 7 5400 yen
    No. 8 8300 yen