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  • "Shiki-Tei" 40 square meters special room

    It is an open room with a wide edge that allows you to see the babbling of the Tamayu River, which changes the expression every time the season turns around, and the next.

    The Tamayu River lighted up at night is a fantastic beauty.In summer it flames lanterns, autumn is autumn leaves, winter is snowy landscape.The room is located on the 2nd floor, but you can enjoy the babbling of Tamayu River well.In addition, the cherry trees along the river in front of you are just at the height of the line of sight, you can see flower-storms blooming beautifully in the spring and dancing in the wind from the room.
    Main room(27 square meters) , Next time(13 square meters), Wide edge(9 square meters)
    This type does not have a bath in the room.
    Please use the public bath for bathing.
    Because we were able to take guest room widely accordingly, we recommend not only use of couples and couple but also small groups.
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    toilet(Men and women with separate shower)
    Washroom (There is no bath in the room
  • "Kasenn-Tei" with outdoor bath

    Japanese-style room with a Japanese cypress hinoki bath in the small garden.
    Please choose on a special day.
    Main room(11 square meters or 14 square meters)※You can not choose
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    Stepping on·Restroom·bus·With toilet
  • "Kaikatei" guest room with garden

    Luxury to make a Japanese Garden filled with a sweet to our garden.It is a room where you can relax comfortably as if you are living in a remote home.

    When you get drunk, drinking from the rim side going out of the clogs and going out, the pleasures of being blown in the evening wind are also unique with a garden.“Kaikatei” is a popular room with only 2 rooms on the 1st floor, so please make a reservation early.
    Main room(21 square meters)+ Depression
    Number of rooms
    Limited to 2 Rooms
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    Stepping on·Restroom·bus·With toilet
  • "Shiki-Tei" general rooms

    All the rooms of the "Shiki-Tei" with a nice view face the Tamayu River which flows through the center of the hot spring town.

    The scenery from the window that changes every season in the pure Japanese style looks like a picture of a single width.Here, time is relaxing and flowing.
    Main room(18 square meters)
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    Stepping on·Restroom·bus·With toilet
  • Kaikatei general guest rooms

    Nostalgic space, Nagomi.

    In a room quietly praising the charm of a good old Japanese house, please fully relax your shoulder's power and relax.
    From the windows you can enjoy different views of each.
    Rooms are 10 to 26 square meters
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    All rooms with toilet and bath
  • "Kasenn-Tei" "Shogetsu Tei" General Rooms

    Nostalgic space, Nagomi.

    Good old wooden building.It is a traditional purely Japanese room where you can experience a tasteful atmosphere.
    From the window you can enjoy the views of the different gardens of each.
    Shogetsu Tei : It is a room of 21 square meters from 14 square meters./ Kasenn-Tei : It is a room of 14 square meters to 21 square meters.
    It may pass through a passage which is about 20 steps of stairs (with handrails).
    Please acknowledge it beforehand, please reserve.
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    Shogetsu Tei:All rooms with toilet and bath

    Kasenn-Tei:All rooms with toilet·Some with bath
  • "Shiki-Tei" Western-style twin room

    Western-style bed rooms are also available for older people.

    It is the best room for those who are not good at sleeping on business, solo traveling alone, or futon.
    13 m²
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    Unit bath / toilet(Men and women with separate shower)

List of facilities of guest room

Number of rooms

Total number of rooms: 70:Western-style room 4 rooms / Japanese-style room 66 rooms

Room supplement

Tatami room is from 17 square meters from 14 square meters, Western style twin

Guest room furniture

tv set, phone, kettle, Tea set, refrigerator, Hairdryer(Loan), Iron(Loan), humidifier(Loan), Toilet with washing machine, towel, bath towel, yukata, slipper, safe


Hand towel / toothbrush·Toothpaste / bath towel / shampoo / rinse / body soap / yukata robe / duvet / shave / shower toilet / shower cap / cotton swab / comb·brush

Facility content

Hearth / bar(Toll) / Banquet room / Karaoke facility(Toll) / Lounge

Service & Leisure (including arrangement)

Massage(Toll) / golf(Toll) Mahjong(Toll)

Credit cards available locally

JCB / VISA / Master / UC

Standard check-in time

From 15:00

Standard checkout time

Until 10:00

Dining room meal

If you would like to have a room meal for dinner, you will be 2,160 yen (tax included) for adults and children together.
When you wish, please let us know at the time of reservation in the request column.We will respond as much as possible.

※Please select the rooms that can offer room meals
Kaikatei·Shiki-Tei·Japanese style room with garden, Special Room, Private open-air bath attached

Non-smoking room accommodation

There is no non-smoking room at the hotel.We have been deodorizing and deodorizing with a deodorant etc. We are available.
Please inform me with your wishes for disinfection / deodorization.We will respond as much as we can.