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Surrounding information

  • Izumo-Oyashiro Shrine

    • Places where the Izumokamigami gather

      The god of deity is also emerging in Inaba's Shirato Mythology, the Okuninushi Omikami.It is a god of marriage deeply related to our hotel
  • Feel history

    • Matsue Castle (Horikawa Tour)

      A Japanese castle in the Edo (time period) built in Shiden Town, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture.Existential Tenshi is a National Treasure, Castle Ruins are designated as a national historic site.Nippon City View Best 100.Horikawa Tour around the moat is also popular.
    • Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine

      Japan's largest silver mine Ota City, Shimane Prefecture has reached its peak from the late Sengoku Period to the early Edo (time period). (Currently closed) It is also registered as a World Heritage Site in 2007.
    • Yaegaki Shrine

      The couple of "Susanoo no Mikoto" and "Kunada Hime" that appeared in the Japanese mythology "Yamatano Orochi".Yaegaki Shrine is also famous as a spot blessed with good relationships and children
  • Interact with nature

    • Lake Shinji

      The seventh largest lake in the country.Brackish water lake is rich in fish species, especially Shizido, white fish such as seven delicacies of Lake Shinji-ko is famous for Matsue representative taste.
    • Matsue Vogel Park

      Paradise of flowers and birds spreading on the hillside facing Lake Shinji.Various shows of birds and colorful flowers such as Begonia · fuchsia of thousands varieties can be enjoyed all year round in the greenhouse.
  • Communicate with beauty

    • Adachi Museum of Art

      It is an art museum where modern Japanese paintings such as Yokoyama Taikan, Tomioka Tessai others, pottery works by Kitaoji Rosanjin, pottery works by Hayashi Yoshio and others are gathered together and the large Japanese Garden of approximately 13,000 tsubo is fused.
  • Taste with tongue

    • Shimane Winery over

      Area around Izumo-Oyashiro Shrine is a famous place for house grapes. It was founded to make full use of its rich and thick umami.Large leisure facility with wine factory, tasting and spot sale