This time, the long-awaited "Internet wireless LAN" can be used in all guest rooms. Please use it when you stay.

【Official】Okumusashi Ryokan

For a business trip to the adjacent Hidaka City. Sayama City. Iruma City. Ome City.

For business trips to neighboring Hidaka City, Sayama City, Iruma City, and Ome City, please use it as a sports training camp.
The large communal bath on the second floor is a whirlpool, so you can heal the tiredness of the day.
You can also use the restaurant Irodori on the 1st floor.

New Coronavirus measures

  • At this facility, the following new coronavirus measures are being taken.

    ☆An acrylic board is installed at the front desk to prevent splash infection.
    ☆Alcohol for disinfection is installed in various places in this facility.
    ☆At check-in, please request temperature measurement using a non-contact thermometer.
    ☆The common area is thoroughly cleaned with alcohol.
    ☆We will strive to ventilate the common areas on a regular basis, and if you are in the guest room, please open the windows in a timely manner.
    ☆We will try to reduce the risk of infection when we have meals in the dining room.
    ☆In the cafeteria, forced ventilation will be provided if necessary.
    ☆Sterilization and disinfection using ozone.(After check out)
    ☆Employees carry out temperature measurement and physical condition check at work.


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Hotel Name

Okumusashi Ryokan


24-8 Naka Town, Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture

Telephone number



8 minutes walk from Hanno Station, 15 minutes walk from Higashi-Hanno Station, 15 minutes by car from Ken-O Expressway Sayama Hidaka Interchange.

There is a transfer(conditions)
Please use it for more than 8 people only near Hanno City.
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Introducing the store

  • Seasonal cuisine Aya(Irodori)

    Business hours PM:5:00 to PM 11:00
    Regular holiday Thursday
    TEL 042-971-0640

    We have a variety of popular sake delivered directly to you, seasonal dishes and a side dish mainly featuring fresh seafood. We are waiting for you at a reasonable price.

Hot spring

  • Large Communal Bath

    Opening Hours:From AM 7:00 to PM 10:30

    The large public bath is a jet bath and you can heal your tiredness of the day.
    It's on the way to the station, so why don't you sweat lightly and come home?
    Of course, please also drop by nearby people.

Free Pick-up Bus

  • Courtesy bus

    *Please use it for more than 8 people only near Hanno City.

    We have a bus available for our guests to pick up and drop off at banquets, legal affairs, and training camps.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reservations / Inquiries

If you have any questions, please contact us.