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Mahoroba no Sato Kitakata

  • Mahoroba is a place that is "beautiful, flat and comfortable to live in."
    As the meaning implies, Kitakata is a very beautiful land.
    As many as 4,200 warehouses still remain, and it has a history of prospering as a merchant town.
    The water is clean, the seasonal vegetables and rice are delicious, and you can enjoy various scenery depending on the season.
    Please visit us once.
  • 【Currently stopped event】
    Music event / Chikuchiku Mamachan House / Tasukari Marche / Hugmom Market

An inn with a tourist concierge

  • The service manager of this facility is a tourism concierge in Kitakata City
    Kitakata, it's a town of ramen and brewery, but there are many other attractions.
    The service manager will work hard to guide you through backstreet spots, gourmet food, and fun historical stories that are not included in the guidebook.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Scenery of the suburbs of Kitakata

  • Weeping cherry tree on the Nitchū Nitchu Line
    Former Nitchu Line Site the former Nitchū Line, which was discontinued, has become a promenade of 1,000 cherry blossoms for about 3 km.
    You can also enjoy lighting up during the Cherry Blossom Festival

    Kitakata Tourist Products Church
  • Mt. Iide praising the Mt Iide
    It is a vast mountain range that spans the three prefectures of Fukushima, Yamagata, and Niigata at an altitude of 2,105 m.
    It used to be a mountain of Shugendo.Climbing is possible from late May to mid-October.
  • Otazuki Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings in Kitakata City
    In 2018, the historic townscape of the warehouse was evaluated and it was selected as the Important Preservation Districts for Traditional Buildings
  • Symbol of Otazuki-dori
    Oharashuzo, Classic" fermented by listening to Mozart is Japan's first music liquor.
  • Wine-gura
    What used to be a kimono brewery is rebuilt into a wine cellar by a wine lover's husband using the characteristics of the brewery.
  • Bamboo Studio Takeya
    The "Minamimachi 2850 Project" was reminiscent of a geta shop, but now it's a store that sells Nemagaridake (bamboo shoots)
  • Ehon no Kura (picture book’s warehouse )
    The wall of this warehouse was collapsed by the 2011 earthquake, but it was regenerated as Ehon no Kura (picture book's warehouse) through the efforts of the people of Otazuki.
  • Keitokuji Temple
    The thatched roof of the Sanmon, an ancient temple Soto Sect founded in 1368, and the surrounding countryside are particularly beautiful.
    You can also experience zazen if you wish.
  • Roadside Jizo
    Aizu is one of the five major Buddhist capitals in Japan, and I am surprised by the number of shrines and temples, but the Buddha quietly stands on the side of the road and prays for the safety of travelers.
  • Countryside landscape in the snow
    There are 4,200 warehouses in Kitakata, the town of warehouses, but half of them are warehouses for farmers.
    It is robust for storage of agricultural products.

Gourmet and souvenirs

  • Kura no Machi Kitakata Aizu Inakaya

    Local production for local consumption and seasonal local cuisine.
    Horse sashimi and homemade herring pickled in Japanese pepper are excellent!
  • Kawakyo Aizu Kitakata Ramen-kan Main Building

    Almost all Kitakata souvenirs such as sake, ramen, and soft serve ice cream are available.
    You can also sample ramen.
  • Cocco tree

    A bright and open cafe directly managed by the Kawakyo Ramen-Kan
    I also have lunch.

"Educational trip" in Kitakata

  • Kitakata is not only a "Kura no Machi" and a "Ramen no Machi", but also a "Kanji no Machi".
    "Ancient characters" are everywhere, such as the signboards of shops in the city and the information boards at the corners of the city.
    Ancient characters are the roots of kanji created about 3,000 years ago.
    Educational trips to learn kanji and the history of the town while walking around the city following these ancient characters are gradually becoming popular.
    Our service manager, who is also the vice chairman of the Kitakata o Kanji no Machi ni Suru Kai (community that encourages Kitakata to be the town of Kanji character)
  • Azuma Ryokan also has a signboard with ancient characters.
    The kanji for "travel" represents a person raising a flag and going far away.
  • A walk through a mystery-solving game designed to allow participants to enjoy interacting with the city, people, culture, and shopping streets while solving the mystery. "Ancient Character Mystery Walk"

    Ideal for children's association trips, summer vacation and winter vacation tours.
  • Masami Takahashi, the presiding officer of "Rakuten Kobo", and the service manager of the museum as a vice chairman. "Kitakata o Kanji no Machi ni Suru Kai (community that encourages Kitakata to be the town of Kanji character)"
    Citizens who like kanji and ancient characters gather and are active in events and tours.
  • Kanjiru Kamishibai (picture-story show)" made by the vice chairman's service manager is popular not only with children but also with adults.
  • Azuma Ryokan for an educational trip!

    There are various sports facilities in the vicinity of our inn, such as Oshikirigawa Park Gymnasium, Oshikirigawa Park Sports Plaza, and Oshikirigawa Park We accept.
    *The maximum number of guests at this inn is 40.Please be careful when using this ryokan as an accommodation facility for training camps or as a conference / training facility.
    *We will also prepare lunch boxes for breakfast and lunch.(Paid)
    Please feel free to contact us as we will consult with you about the price according to your budget.