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Azuma Ryokan
A gentle sweetheart with a warm light

【Official】Azuma Ryokan

Even though I came for the first time, the smile of the service manager "Welcome back" welcomes me

Azuma Ryokan in Kitakata City, Fukushima Prefecture, an inn with a tourist concierge.
Kitakata City the middle of the city of Kitakata.
It is right next to the city hall.It is convenient for ramen, eating soba, and visiting breweries.

About Novel coronavirus

  • Staff efforts

    ・We thoroughly wash our hands and disinfect our fingers.
    ・We disinfect the doorknobs of each room, which many customers can touch, with alcohol.
    ・Some employees wear masks.

    This does not mean that our employees are wearing masks due to poor physical condition.
    It is a preventive measure and takes into consideration the health and safety of our customers and employees.
  • Initiatives within this facility

    The entrance is equipped with hand sanitizer and non-contact body temperature detector, and the restaurant and bathroom are sterilized with an air purifying air conditioner and Plasmacluster.
    We strive to ensure that guest rooms and toilets are safer by applying photocatalytic sterilization, which is more effective and durable than alcohol disinfectants.
    In addition, we also provide constant ventilation throughout the facility.

Refresh your mind and body with worcation

  • Using worcation        Please enjoy a new way of working and living.

    We have renovated the room for wo-cation, hoping that it will be used as an opportunity to meet new ways of living and working by utilizing wo-cations and micro-tourism.The contents of the wocation are posted on the photo gallery page, so please see that as well. Click the image to see the details.
     Below are photos of the workation room and content.


Google Map

Hotel Name

Azuma Ryokan


7115 Otazuki Michishita, Kitakata City, Fukushima Prefecture

Telephone number



12 minutes from JR Kitakata Station(*3 minutes by car)
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Information in this facility

  • Entrance

    We will welcome you, "Welcome back."It is the entrance of a warm inn.
  • lobby

    Buna's chair is full of relaxation.
    Coffee is free and internet is free.
  • courtyard

    It is a courtyard with a little trash.
    There is a garden stone in which the face of Aizu's easy-to- Onba-samaPlease take a look!
    There is also a smoking area in the garden.
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Information around

  • An inn with a tourist concierge

    The service manager of this facility is a tourism concierge in Kitakata City
    Kitakata, it's a town of ramen and brewery, but there are many other attractions.
    The service manager will work hard to guide you through backstreet spots, gourmet food, and fun historical stories that are not included in the guidebook.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Tamiko young service manager.☆

    One to concierge with a service manager!

Reservation / Inquiry

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