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  • OOEDO-ONSEN MONOGATRI, Sendai Korona no Yu guide

    In various large and small baths, you can enjoy with your friends and families as well as one, of course.
  • relaxation

    《Stone Sauna》
    ※Paid separately(Elementary school student)

    You can enjoy 3 kinds of bedrock baths with different efficacies.
    Rock salt · · · discharge of waste matter, recovery from fatigue etc.
    Muhan stone · · · bactericidal action, cosmetic effect etc.
    Jade stone · · · stress relief, blood circulation promotion etc.

    《Beauty salon room》
    There are body care, foot acupoint massage, rash crack etc.
    ※Paid separately
  • Dining Hall

    A variety of drinks are also available, including bowls, noodles, salads, dish items from a set menu.Please go for a glass of beer or a stomach.※Please purchase a meal ticket at the local site when using.
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Miyagi prefecture Sendai City Miyagino Ward Fukuro-ku 1-53-1 Tanakae

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Sendai Tobu Road, 3 minutes by car from Sendaiko IC · 5 minutes by car from Sendai East IC · JR Sendai Line, get off at Rikuzen Takasago Station, 10 minutes by car.
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Attraction of the hotel

  • Information on the charm of the hotel

    Play · eat · stay

    Composite amusement and accommodation facility that can only be due to the corona group.
    Drink, eat, play, take a bath.At the end please stay at our hotel.
    We will show you the charm of the hotel that you can enjoy all day.
  • OOEDO-ONSEN MONOGATRI Sendai Korona no Yu

    Guests staying at CASTLE INN SENDAI can enjoy free of charge at OOEDO-ONSEN MONOGATRI Sendai Korona no Yu at the hotel.(However, customers without meals are not eligible)
    Natural Hot Springs, there are seven types of public baths, open-air baths, bedrock baths, beauty salons, restaurants, etc., and you can enjoy various kinds of hot- Natural Hot Springs tours even though you are in the city.
    ※A separate fee will be charged for the restaurant · rock bath · beauty salon.
  • Comfortable rooms for long stay

    OOEDO-ONSEN MONOGATRI Stay in Sendai Korona no Yu, you can enjoy free of charge only for customers using CASTLE INN SENDAI.(However, guests without meals are not covered) You can enjoy various types of hot spring tours even though you are in the city such as open-air bath in the public bath.

T-POINT can be stored · used

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