2. Breakfast Restaurant

Breakfast Restaurant

Breakfast Restaurant

Energy source is from breakfast.Enjoy your breakfast buffet at the "Korona no Yu" restaurant.

You can choose from a wide selection of Japanese and Western dishes.
  • Breakfast buffet, you can choose your favorite Japanese and Western dishes

    Opening Hours/From 6:30 in the morning to 9:00(Last reception 8:45)
    Number of seats/157 seats
    Place / 2F in Korona no Yu spring of Korona no Yu"Honkei Sanuki Ya"
    Remarks / Guests staying at "No breakfast" can also apply at the front desk.(1 person 520 yen) Customers of "Korona no Yu" other than staying are also used.Please understand.
  • Example menu

  • Two breads are prepared

  • Breakfast venue