2. Things to do

Things to do

How to spend at the hotel

Play with Korona World

Daily stress diverges at Korona World.Cinema to bowling,
Pachinko to the game ... You can play at the corona all day.
  • First day

    • 15:00/Check In

      I appreciate your long trip.The front desk staff will greet you warmly.
      You can come from Toyohashi Station by shuttle bus operating at 00 minutes every hour.
    • 15: 30/Cinema viewing

      Watching the movie I wanted to see.You can see comfortably with 10 screens, spacious seats totaling 1,414 seats.
    • 18:00/Bowling

      Great fight in battle play.Please disseminate daily stress with wide facilities with 30 lanes.All lane auto bumper, automatic adjustment of gutter present and absent.It can be enjoyed from adults to children.
    • 19: 30/Korona-no-yu

      Enjoy warm bathing outdoor bath and bedrock bath, in addition to meal ...
      Bathing in the open-air bath You can enjoy various types of baths such as a sauna on the whirlpool and as if you are walking around in the city while staying in the city. .
      ※Toyokawa Shop is not a natural hot spring.
    • 22: 00/amusement

      After the bath and meal, I am still not enough to play and challenge the latest game.Toyokawa Metropolice is the region's largest new sensory game center.In the wide store, we have stocked facilities such as UFO Catcher, Kids Game, Photobooth, Medal Game etc.
  • the 2nd day

    • 7: 00/Breakfast

      Please enjoy the breakfast buffet at 2F Corona no Yu "Sankei and the head family".
    • 8:00/Morning bath

      Bath is bathed again in vacant time until checkout.
      The real thrill of hot springs is morning Bath no matter what.While being a business hotel, please enjoy the relaxing morning time with an open outdoor bath.
    • 10: 00/Check Out

      Please enjoy at the Korona World after relaxing after checking out.Thank you very much.
  • Introduction of tourist attractions around the hotel ①

    To Toyokawa, a temperate climate

    Toyokawa Inari, known as the site of Iaragari Sushi, and sea theme park "LAGUNA Gamagori" are packed with gourmet and play spots in the surrounding area.
    • Toyohashi Tram

      Symbol of Toyohashi"Tramen" A roadside train with several faces continues running through the city.
      "Series Mo 3500" was running on the Toden Arakawa Line, the former Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation.
      "Series Mo 3100" Former Nagoya Street Car now retire from our service and do our best for events. I took over from "Series Mo 3200"Nagoya Railway? And was active on Gifu City Line. It is a main train of the Toyohashi streetcar that was active on the "Series Mo 780"Gifu Ibo Line. Lastly, the nickname "Hottrum" and the familiar "LRV・T1000" pure domestic production is the first full low floor train that will be the first in 2009 in terms of performance, design, manufacturing planning, operation, etc. Received the "Laurel award" given to vehicles recognized as being superior. Please experience "trip" of 13 stations, 22 minutes tram.

      Toyohashi Railway, 0532-53-2136
      10 minutes by car from the hotel to the nearest station
    • Toyohashi General Information Animal And Flowers Park【Non-hoi Park】

      Toyohashi General Information Animal And Flowers Park zoo of Toyohashi General Information Animal And Flowers Park Zoo "Non-hoi Park Toyohashi General Information Animal And Flowers Park" enjoys the lively appearance of animals such as the open display of Africa Zone such as savannah, and the appearance of polar bears jumping in front of eyes.
      In Heisei (time period) On September 17, Asian Elephant Baby "Mara" was born.It is unusual nationwide.

      The Monet Corner is maintained in the botanical garden, and this Monet Corner is the place where it takes over and displays water lily, fern prawn, Fuji, etc. drawn by the painter, Claude Monet, who is famous for the painting of "Suiren" from France / Mone Garden. Heisei (time period) in venerable location was introduced for the first time Monet's water lily in Japan to commemorate the opening of the park Botanical Gardens. It is a must for people who draw pictures and paintings.

      1-238 Oana, Oiwa Town, Toyohashi City
      6 minutes walk from JR “Futagawa Station”
      6 minutes walk from Yutaka Iron Bus "Futagawa Station"
      Approximately 20 minutes by car from hotel
      From 9: 00 to 16: 30 (Admission is until 16:00)
    • Laguna Ten Bosch

      Sea theme park.There is also a set accommodation plan such as water park in summer, illumination etc in winter.
      2 -3 Kaiyocho Gamagori City , Kaiyocho, 2 -3 Kaiyocho Gamagori City , 443-0014
      By car: From Otowa Gamagori IC, about 20 minutes (about 12 km)
      People who come by train: Nagoya ~〈Rapid〉Gamagori (About 40 minutes)※Route bus from Gamagori Station (approximately 15 minutes directly) 20 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Mikawa Oshima

      Uninhabited island floating in 3 km offshore Gamagori is Mikawa Oshima.Between July 1 and August 31, a beach is set up and you can swim on a deserted island while watching Gamagori and Atsumi Peninsula.
      Liners are operating from the Takeshima Pier during the sea bathing season.
      The beach is 50 m in width and 200 m in length, complete with hot water shower.
      ※Pier is installed from early March to late September, so it is possible to land on a boat or the like.(Cruise ships only during summer)

      Gamagori Tourism Steamship, TEL: 0533-68-3456
      Asty Cafe, TEL: 090-3851-5512
      Mikawa Bay Orange Road from Tomei Expressway Otowa Gamagori IC Mikawa Bay Orange Road, Tomei Expressway Otowa Gamagori IC, Gamagori at 10 km on Route 473.Furthermore, it takes 15 minutes by a pleasure boat from Gamagori Tourism Steamship Terminal Gamagori Port
      30 minutes by car from the hotel to Gamagori Port
  • Introduction of tourist attractions around the hotel ②

    • Toyohashi Park·Yoshida Castle

      Toyohashi Citizen's Symbolic Park of Toyohashi Citizen's Symbolic Park Oasis of Yoshida Castle Ruins, art museum, Sannomaru Kaikan and culture-rich town.The area was 21.6 hectares, and the site of the city hall adjacent to the entire park was Former Yoshida Castle Ruins.Since the Meiji (time period), the former Japanese troops were also put on, so some remnants remain, so you can enjoy it in various ways.

      3 Imahashicho, Toyohashi City
      0532-51-2430 Toyohashi City Commerce Tourism Section
      3 minutes on foot from Shiyakusho-mae street "Shiyakusho-mae" or "Toyohashi Park Mae"
      Every Sunday from 10 o'clock to 15 o'clock.External visits are free.
    • Daiwa no Oicho

      Daiwa Hoikuen giant ginkgo behind Daiwa Hoikuen has a height of about 25 m and the branches are more than 10 m in the horizontal direction.

      53-1 Wariden, Toyotsu Town, Toyokawa City
      0533-89-2206(Toyokawa City Tourist Association)
    • Toyokawa Inari

      The roots of Iaragari Sushi started from here.Approximately 50,000 people gather from the whole country to the first Toyokawa Inari, known as the god of prosperous business.

      1 Toyokawacho, Toyokawa City
      JR Iida Line Toyokawa Station, Meitetsu Toyokawa Line"Toyokawa-Inari Station" get off 5 minutes on foot
      15 minutes by car from the hotel