A trip to realize the importance of polishing your heart away from everyday life


Guidance of Shukubo

At the time of your stay, about Kobo Daishi,
From the story of Takiguchi Nyudo Historic Remains and Yokobue's tragic love that is transmitted to our hospital
Thinking about the flow of time,
I want you to enjoy the clean air of Koyasan leisurely
I'm thinking.

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594 Koyasan, Koya Town, Ito County, Wakayama Prefecture

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13 minutes by bus from Nankai Koyasan Station.Getting off at Odawara-dori Bus Stop.1 minute walk to the bus direction.left
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    ●Only lunch is available.For more information, please contact us by phone.
    ●We are currently unable to respond to any inquiries via the form or email.Please call us.
    ●Dinner is scheduled for 17:30.We would appreciate it if you could check in by 16:30.
    ●If you arrive after 18:00, please let us know your mobile phone number as we will call you.
    ●We will be closed from December 28th to January 5th, so we cannot accept accommodation.

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