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  • <Yubatake>The largest source of Kusatsu Onsen located in the center of the city

    The hot spring that springs down is sent to each accommodation facility by lowering the temperature to the wooden fence. At this time, by drying what has settled in the wooden bowl, you can make Yu-no-hana.
    Sidewalks are tiled vertically and tiled tiles with motifs of the Edo period (Joshu Kusatsu Onsen no Zu (map)) are used as motifs.
    You can touch your hands and feet to the source at “Shiraneyama Bench” and “Shin-Yukemuri Tei”.
    • Yubatake

    • Otaki no Yu

    • Gozanoyu

  • <Sainokawara Park>Scenic spot of Kusatsu Onsen

    At the west end of the hot spring town, you will be amazed by the sight of the so-called “Ogre's Spring Water”.

    • Sainokawara open air bath

      In spite of the hot springs, the outdoor bath, the rock bath surrounded by miscellaneous trees is the biggest size in Japan and it is watched over the blue sky, and the hot spring that soaks while feeling the natural wind with the skin is just paradise "It becomes hadaka outside People who think that ......... "are sold swimwear rentals and naming entering towels, so it is okay to go by hand.   

      Business hours = April 1 to July 25.September 1 to November 30
      7 a.m. to 8 p.m.(Last reception 7 p.m.)
      Business hours = from 26th July to 31st August
      6 am - 9 pm(Last reception at 8 PM)
      Business hours = from December 1st to March 31st
      9 am - 8 p.m.(Last reception 7 p.m.)
      Bathing fee
      Adult = 500 yen, Child = 300 yen
    • Statue of Dr Bälz

      Sister city Bietigheim of Germany, Dr. born in Bissingen made a significant contribution to medicine of Japan came to Japan at the invitation of the Meiji government in 1876, several times in the Kusatsu Onsen visit "is to Kusatsu top of the mountain Introduced all over the world as 'there are air, ideal drinking water, and excellent hot springs.'

  • Kusatsu Snow and Spa Resort

    • In winter, ski resorts, and in summer, play fields “Tenguyama Play Zone”!