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Inside the facility

Introduction of shared facilities

As a second living room in the extension of the entrance lobby
Feeling nature in the gentle green
Please enjoy the time filled with a space where you can spend your time as you wish.
  • Lobby

    Take a break in a comfortable space that brings in light and wind
  • Interior

    Enjoy the beautiful flames of the fireplace in the center of the courtyard.

    On a large wooden deck bench in the courtyard
    Please enjoy your favorite time.
    Wherever you like
    Please enjoy freely

Other facilities

Facility information

There is a vending machine for liquor and juice at the front desk

*Please smoke at the designated place

Credit cards available locally

Credit card payment is not possible locally

Hot spring information

Hot Springs

Beppu Onsen(Hydrogen carbonate spring-100% natural hot spring)/Hot spring flowing/*Does not include artificial hot springs