Hotel Yoshino
Seafood meal using sausage luxuriously and source sprinkling hot springs appeal

【Official】Hotel Yoshino

I will pick you up in the heart of "Go home."

Please enjoy relaxing time as if you left home to the country.
Hotel Yoshino is an old-fashioned hospitality inn, please feel free to come and relax.

The bathing up process was renewed

  • Newly established in modern tranquil setting

    We set up a free drink etc. so that you can relax in the hot spring rising.
    We have prepared a relaxing space for you to enjoy passion and unusual tatami mats.


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Hotel Yoshino


745-5 Matsubara, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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Pick-up presence (condition)
Please call me at Ito Station.I will pick you up in Ito Eki-mae Police Box of the "Ito Eki-mae Police Box" on the right hand side, which left the ticket gate from 14:00.

There is a convenience store within 3 minutes walking distance, a pub is within 5 minutes on foot
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