Hotel Yoshino
Seafood meal using sausage luxuriously and source sprinkling hot springs appeal

【Official】Hotel Yoshino

Please enjoy the relaxation of the sum in the space with the healing effect unique to "Tatami Bath".

"The only tatami bath in Ito Hot Springs" and "Luxury banquet dishes using Abalone, Kinme-an and Ise shrimp" are attractive hot spring hotels

【We welcome you with the heart of "Please return"】
Please enjoy relaxing time as if you left home to the country.
Hotel Yoshino is an old-fashioned hospitality inn, please feel free to come and relax.

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    【Seafood table】
    Hotel Yoshino standard plan of the Hotel Yoshino.
    We have prepared high quality ingredients such as Abalone, Kinmei and Sashimi fish at reasonable prices.

    【Seafood 5 Great taste】
    Hotel Yoshino most popular plan Hotel Yoshino.
    We prepared the five great tastes of Abalone, Ise Shrimp, Kinme-don, Sazae-Kasago and so on.


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Hotel Yoshino


745-5 Matsubara, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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Pick-up presence (condition)
Please call me at Ito Station.I will pick you up in Ito Eki-mae Police Box of the "Ito Eki-mae Police Box" on the right hand side, which left the ticket gate from 14:00.

There is a convenience store within 3 minutes walking distance, a pub is within 5 minutes on foot
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