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The cuisine is a seasonal seasonal set of seasons to taste Izu

Together we are available in four seasons the mountain seafood of Izu
We will prepare a menu that suits your needs, choose your preference with your stay plan, decorate your table with one additional item

Reasonable offer of high-quality ingredients

We have attached to each plan, one person's one boiled kimme sea bream and an abalone dance grill
We prepared ingredients that we can not eat daily at reasonable prices
  • Seafood table

    Hotel Yoshino's standard cuisine at the Hotel Yoshino【Official website limited price】
    Although it is standard, it uses seafood abundantly, such as abalone and kimme sea bream, and it becomes a kaiseki dish.

    【Seafood table】Cooking example
    ·Duty, Seasonal dish·Appetizer·sashimi, sashimi·A spirit, Okonomiyaki·Simmered dishes, Boiled kimme bream·Pan pot·Vinegared dish·Surpassing·Steamed food·Bowl objects·Pickled Vegetables·Sweets
    • Standard plan"Seafood sauce" ~ Abalone · Kimme sea bream etc. Enjoy Izu ~

      Weekdays: From 7,483, Before Holidays: From 11,682, (Tax Excluded), "Place food or room food"
  • Seafood 5 Great taste

    Hotel Yoshino most popular seafood 5 great taste form "official website limited price"
    We use seafood such as Ise shrimp dish, prime pizza, kimme sea bream sashimi, abalone odori yaki, kasago figure fried chicken, saizabe sauce etc. We use seafood as plenty of meal dishes.
    • Most popular plan Seafood 5 Great taste ~ abalone·Japanese Spiny Lobster·Kimme sea bream·Azaa·Casago ~

      Weekdays: From ¥ 9,150, Before Holidays: From 12, 582(Tax Excluded), "Place food or room food"
  • Seafood set + grilled beef crocodile

    We prepared a cuisine with a cow pottery grill plus a seafood-based cuisine cooking dish.
    I want to eat both Izu taste and meat! Recommended for those who like this plan.
    • Izu plan, seafood table + cow pottery grill ~ abalone · kimme sea bream · meat etc.

      Weekdays:¥ 11,980, Before Holidays:¥ 16,980, (Meal in Room)
  • Yoshino best class kaiseki

    "I want to taste the luxury with lots of seafood because it's so hard" This is YOSHINO finest class cuisine meal for that kind of person
    ·Ise sushi sashimi · Kimme boiled with sea bream · We finished seafood dishes which you can taste seafood fully, including abalone dancing and grilling
    Please enjoy the board length cuisine
    • YOSHINO top-class plan, board length recommendation ~ The finest ingredients in your room

      Weekdays: From 14,980, Before Holidays: From 19,980, (Meal in Room)