【Official】Isahaya Terminal Hotel

Isahaya Station front of Isahaya Station,Adjacent to the bus terminal.10 minutes by car from Isahaya IC.

Precautions when making a reservation

  • Precautions when making a reservation

    ・I have registered as a member at the time of booking, but I have already registered as a member on the old website.
    Customers also need to register as new members.

    ・Children sharing bed are preschoolers:Free,Elementary school-aged children:500 yen.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

Latest news

  • About new coronavirus measures

    We would like to thank you for your continued support.
    We are implementing the following measures as a measure against the new corona virus.

    ・A hand / finger disinfectant is installed on the lobby floor on the 2nd floor.When using the hotel,Hands and fingers
    Please use for disinfection.

    ・All hotel staff wash their hands, thoroughly disinfect alcohol, and wear masks.
     We also carry out temperature measurements when we go to work.

    If you feel fever or cough during your stay, please tell the staff.
    Thank you for your understanding.
  • Stay at the Isahaya Terminal Hotel and head to Nagasaki, Unzen, Shimabara and Huis Ten Bosch! Surprisingly convenient!

    What do you do when a hotel in Nagasaki city is full?
    In such a case, why not stay overnight!
    Our hotel is Isahaya Station in front of the east exit of Isahaya Station! The left of the image is Isahaya Station, and the right is Isahaya Station Terminal Hotel.
    There is also a bus terminal adjacent to the hotel.
    Time required from each place
    ・20 minutes by JR limited express to Nagasaki (you can take the limited express for 310 yen to the fare!),
     30 minutes by JR Rapid
    ・45 minutes by JR train to Huis Ten Bosch
    ・30 minutes to Nagasaki Airport by Shimatetsu Bus
    ・1 hour and 10 minutes by Shimabara Railway to Shimabara Railway and 1 hour and 20 minutes by Shimatetsu Bus for Unzen
    If the central part of Nagasaki City is fully booked, you can stay overnight!
    It will be a base for many places, so please come and visit us!
  • Recommended! Shimabara Railway relaxing trip swayed by the Shimabara Railway

    How about sightseeing on the Shimabara Railway from Isahaya Station in front of the hotel?
    You can spend a relaxing time while being swayed by the cute yellow train!
    Osanki Station (read "Omisaki Eki"!) Is said to be the station closest to the sea in Japan, and it's also exceptional to spend a leisurely time watching the ocean in front of you!
    The Ariake Sea, where the tides are high and low, enjoys different scenery every time you come.
    If you use the event train "Cafe Train", you can enjoy a different train journey!
    Please refer to the Shimabara Railway website for details on Cafe Train.
    Enjoy sightseeing on the Shimabara Railway!

Shimabara Railway JR Isahaya Station is under new maintenance for the opening of the Shinkansen in 2022 (planned)!

  • Isahaya Station seen from our hotel "1 minute walk!" Redevelopment is underway for the opening of the Shinkansen!

    1 minute walk from Isahaya Station, good for business or sightseeing
    The perfect hotel.
  • Isahaya Station hotel seen from Isahaya Station 【1 minute walk! 】

    ◆66 single rooms
    ◆11 double rooms
    ◆12 twin rooms
    ◆1 meeting room
    ◆Free Wi-Fi in all rooms (no wired LAN port), refrigerator, TV, bath / toilet (with washing machine), hairdryer, and other amenities
    ◆Ozone deodorization floor,Equipped with a coin laundry room.

    ・Check-in time:15:00
    ・Check out time:10:00
  • Information about hotel parking

    When you come by car, please use the hotel parking lot behind the facility.
    I will do it.
    Please note that the number of parking spaces is limited, so when the car is full, please use the "Parkland Ekimae parking lot (height limit less than 2.1 m)" next to "Supermarket Marutaka", and go to the front desk when checking in at the hotel. Please hand over the parking ticket.You will be given a service ticket at the check-out the next day.
    *If you are traveling by car with a height of 2.1 m or more, please let us know in advance.
    *In some cases, we may guide you to other parking lots nearby.
    *Please refer to the map.(Click to enlarge)


  • Breakfast is served as a free snack style!

    Breakfast will be prepared in a light meal style that is provided free of charge,
    All in-house guests can enjoy it.
    Time is provided from 6:30 to 9:30 in the morning.
    As you can enjoy various breads, coffees, and soups only at the room rate,
    Please use it when staying.

    *Now, with the new corona virus countermeasure, the bread that was offered in the buffet format,
    The hotel staff has changed the format so that it can be served on a plate.
    Thank you for your understanding.

Facilities inside the facility

  • Front desk

    The front desk is on the 2nd floor, right after getting off the elevator.
  • lobby

    The lobby has a bright and calm atmosphere.
    We have newspapers and tourist information available.
    Please feel free to drop in.
  • ◆Secure security

    A security camera is installed in the common area of the facility.
    You can stay with peace of mind.
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Hotel Name

Isahaya Terminal Hotel


18-1 Eishohigashi Town, Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture

Telephone number



10 minutes by car from Isahaya interchange front of Isahaya interchange Isahaya Station, next to the bus terminal
FAX 0957-23-6777
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