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A dish

Concept of cooking

A rich source of taste, Izu Shimoda. Izu seamount that colors porridge colorfully, various fresh fruits every season.
The renewed Shimoda Jyuraku hotel's buffet restaurant is focused on selecting ingredients and cooking under the theme of "visit and enjoy all customers."

Not apt to be "convinced of quantity anyway" that tends to be found in buffet dishes, but aiming to "taste satisfying as a dish in any dish ...".

We have a smile of customers as "Daily meal for more than 60 items at all times, breakfast at 40 items or more" as everyday menu.

Please enjoy Shimoda Jyuraku hotel's carefully prepared cuisine to your heart's content!
  • Boiled kimme sea bream

    After all I recommend the food of Kinmei with confidence as "Izu food".
    We have promised that you will serve daily sashimi and boiled kimme sea bream.
  • Funamori (assortment of sashimi on a boat), Seasonal sashimi

    Guests can also choose from a variety of fresh fish boats and arrange and create their own "small boat platter," which includes more than 10 types of sashimi for both dinner and breakfast.
  • You can enjoy beach-grilled and grilled meat at the same time

    And especially for everyone in the family, "Bear Beach" centered on unlimited shellfish from the aquarium, especially pleased.
    We also have many requests from young generations, "Yakiniku" also welcomes with carefully selected quality.
  • 28 smokeless grill tables

    We want you to enjoy your meals with your family, friends, and loved ones... With this in mind, we have prepared 128 tables.
  • All-seat smokeless·Odorless roaster

    "I want to bring back happy memories, but I do not want to leave the smell of smoke."
    ... We also respond to such requests and are prepared for all seats in smokeless and odorless roasters.

A relaxing private room banquet plan

  • Cooking Festival plan

  • Standard Plan

  • Deluxe Plan

  • Easy accommodation plan

Children's goods are enriched and you can enjoy a safe meal

We have children's supplies that you can use for families with small children.
We have 18 children's chairs in three types available.
In addition, please use apron for infants and dishes.
Two baby cribs are available, but please inquire.
  • Children's chair

  • Infant apron

  • Children's dishes

  • Baby crib