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  2. The charm of Shimoda Jyuraku hotel

The charm of Shimoda Jyuraku hotel

  • The most attractive thing about Shimoda Jyuraku hotel is the restaurant where you can feel the extraordinary food.
    "We aim to enjoy everyone even if family of 3 generations get together."

    Despite being a shared restaurant in the hall, we devised maximum consideration for the sense of distance of the desk so that our family and friends can enjoy "everyone's table and time".
  • Also, for families who are particularly important for "ease of selection" in the scene of selecting dishes of food ingredients, aquariums and buffet tables are designed to make it easy for children to reach, "enjoyable choice by themselves "Comfortable height even for children" I was able to feel.

    By providing "I can't taste it overnight", everyone can talk with a smile about "I want to come with you again!" ... I hope to deliver such time.
  • Of course, I would be pleased if you enjoy the relaxing holiday in the room that overlooks Shimoda Bay, which has a history of port opening which is representative of Japan as the site of the Kurofune ship, for an outdoor bath to pick you up with a Japanese cypress bath, not only for food.