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  2. The charm of Shimoda Jyuraku hotel

The charm of Shimoda Jyuraku hotel

  • The most attractive thing about Shimoda Jyuraku hotel is the restaurant where you can feel the extraordinary food.
    "We aim to enjoy everyone even if family of 3 generations get together."

    Despite being a shared restaurant in the hall, we devised maximum consideration for the sense of distance of the desk so that our family and friends can enjoy "everyone's table and time".
  • Additionally, for families, for whom ease of selection is especially important when choosing ingredients and dishes, we aimed to place the aquarium and buffet tables at a comfortable height for children, so that they can easily see them and enjoy the fun of looking around and selecting for themselves.

    By offering a taste that "cannot be fully experienced in one night," we hope to have everyone smile and say "I want to come again!"... I hope to deliver such time.
  • Of course, we have more to offer than just the food. We hope you will enjoy a relaxing holiday in our open-air cypress bath and in your room overlooking Kurofune Shimoda Bay, which is one of Japan's most famous ports and has a history of being the site of the arrival of the Black Ships.