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Facility introduction

  • When entering the entrance of the granite, the elegance is the harmony of the Japanese traditional music.
    Enjoy a relaxing and healing time in our open-air bath made of inscribed stone and our indoor bath filled with the scent of cypress.
  • There is a bath with a stone open-air bath, getting down from the dressing room about 13 steps of stairs.
  • Indoor bath
  • We also have a large banquet hall called "Heisei-no-Ma" for large groups, and a club called "Amanogawa" where visitors can relax.
  • Large Banquet Hall"Heisei-no-Ma"

    273 square meters Capacity: 120 people
  • Club "Amanogawa"
  • Shimoda's tourist information and activities are also available as a concierge at the front desk.
    If you have any wishes or requests, please contact us anything.
  • Concierge
  • Pool (summer only)

    Available from July 1st to September 30th
  • You can enjoy a relaxing time at the newly established beauty salon “KANALOA” at the Shimoda Jyuraku hotel.
    A fragrance of fine aroma and exquisite all hand relaxation treatment.Please enjoy a little luxury at your leisure.
  • Facial care

    course makes you feel collagen luxuriously and results on your skin
    ·Basic 30 minutes 5,700 yen
    ·Special 60 minutes 8,700 yen
  • body care

    Organic oil and comfortable hand technique bring deep relaxation effect.
    ·Short body 30 minutes 5,400 yen
    ·Full body 60 minutes 12,000 yen
  • We offer a variety course, including various menus, great value set course, Thai herbal balls, scalp care, and many other options.Please contact the front desk for details.
  • We also have a large selection of children's items available for use in your room.
    There are five baby chairs available for rental in your room.
    We also have bath chairs for children that can be used in the large bath.
    In addition, we prepared the following.
  • Baby chair
  • Bath chair
  • Children's Hanten
  • Children's amenities
  • Child service

    You can enjoy it at the American desk, at the front desk at check-in
    This applies to all children of elementary school age and younger.
    For children and infants who don't like candy, we offer boro and rice crackers.
  • As a service of early summer, 12 iso play set