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Hot Springs

Yufuin Onsen luxury all by charter

The open-air bath available for private use is an atmosphere with bamboo and rocks arranged.
Please enjoy bathing luxuriously with plenty of privacy.

Outdoor bath with source sprinkling monopolizes starry sky

There are 4 reserved private baths in the facility and in the 2 outdoor hot springs please enjoy the sky full of stars.
All private baths are available free of charge.
Such hot springs with sourced springs are evaluated as the skin becomes slippery.
Please enjoy the journey of Yufuin.
  • Private Open Air Bath

    Weak alkaline simple fountain friendly to your skin
    Hot water will wrap you firmly.

    While looking up at the starry sky ...
    Please enjoy Yufuin Onsen luxuriously.

    【Bath time】
    ◎ 15: 00-23: 00
    ◎ 6: 30 to 9: 00
  • Inner bath

    How about 3 hot spring tours in total?
    It is a natural Yufuin Onsen even on a cold day even with a secure inner bath.

    【Bath time】
    ◎ 15: 00-23: 00
    ◎ 6: 30 to 9: 00

Hotspring Information

Hot Spring Qualities

Simple Izumi weak alkaline simple fountain


Stiff neck stress fatigue recovery

Types of baths

Hot Spring Outdoor Bath Family Bath Natural Hot Spring

Room facilities·Supplies

kettle/Tea set/Hairdryer/humidifier(part)/Individual air conditioning/Soap(solid)/Body soap/shampoo/rinse/Toothbrush/A razor/towel/bath towel/yukata/slipper

Bath time

15:00 to 23:00, 6: 30 to 9: 00