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Courtesy bus·Various information

Although it is a ryokan, feel free to use it even with meals.

The Karatsu Higashi-Matsuura District has long been home to many guests using in-house meals.

Recently, there are day-trip plan the ryokan in which district, but the cuisine of the hotel uses plenty of fresh seafood and selected ingredients
We serve handmade cuisine with hearts, by chief chef and staff.,Please come.

You can enjoy a notch food.We are waiting for your friends · class meetings · regional gatherings · colleagues · etc.
In addition, we will receive your wishes and gifts.Please feel free to contact us.

Explanation of day plan

Available for 2 to 100 people.A small group of guests can use private rooms for seaside stays.Relaxingly, room is free for up to 3 hours.
Please contact us for extension of time at the time of reservation.Moreover, it is refresh plan free of bathing "Taiko-no-yu" bathing.

The cuisine can be used from 2 people, a cuisine with a squid of 4350 yen.Three or more people can use it from the cuisine of 3780 yen.Please ask if you have any requests about food.

Room charge for 3 hours, bathing is free.
 〔Opening Hour]Daytime, 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, Up to 3 hours of

  • Guide service for free shuttle bus

    Accommodation and day trips
     (Customers around Karatsu City will also be free to pick up from outside the following conditions.)

     It is reservation system.As there are limited number of vehicles, please reserve as soon as possible.
     Also, as itContinue reading
  • ◆Use on a day trip (Guests around Karatsu City will be picked up free even if the following conditions are not met.)

    For day trips, you can use it within the range of about two hours one way.
    Even with high-speed charges, guests over 2 hours each way may be accepted at the price increase of the cooking rate, so please ask.

    If you use the number is available hContinue reading
  • ◆Use at night

    The use at night can be used within about 2 hours of one way even at high speed use.
    Saturday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, national holiday, night meal included
     We accept from more than 16 people, accommodation plan from 16,200 yen including tax.
    WContinue reading
  • ◆◆We will be pleased to assist you◆◆

      There are various kinds of keigo in life.

      There is a person who wishes to share joyful feelings.

      Bountiful feasts to which warm-hearted people warmly warm

      Longevity to warmly celebrate with family and relatives

      Nagisakan Kimura andContinue reading
  • ◆Yuino (engagement ceremony) plan

    Please use it for the celebration seat of your meeting and your wedding.

    Recently, more customers wanting more convenient cuisine, more and more, we brought in the sushi of Kaname Tan (cooking fee 4350 yen), Nagisa Kaiseki no dish of 3780 yen, Continue reading
  • Trivia

     Delivery item

    Although the delivered items are sold in 3 items, 5 items, 7 items, 9 items and odd number sets, now 9 items are officially declared.

     1. Mokuroku"Mokuroku", a form that Mokuroku the deliveries and their quantities in a MokurokuContinue reading