【Official】Karatsu Chaya

It is a seaside lodging in the sound of the sea noise, white sand, blue pine, scent of history and culture, festival and taste, heartskind town, Karatsu

Ise Shrimp Abalone, Sazae, Empty, Ara, etc. We are making good use of it in the fish preserve.

There is a free shuttle bus for groups as well.

 ※To our guests, the hotel is not a hot spring.

Twelve indications of a forest bath effect Taiko-no-yu"Taiko-no-yu" has become.

The building is not newly built, but the rooms that you can stay are all rooms with a view with white sand and ocean spread from the window.

We will prepare a lot of fresh seafood and wait for the dishes to be satisfied.

Thanks to you this year it will be ryokan business 124 years.I sincerely thank you.

* There is also a season plan.Please enjoy at day trip and stay.


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Karatsu Chaya


4-3 in Dongcheng, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture

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It is 6 minutes by car from JR Chikuhi Line Karatsu Station.70 minutes via Fukuoka Airport via City Expressway Nishi-Kyushu Road.

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