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【Official】Country Inn ONE MORE TIME

 A three-type pension & high class cottage.Adult retreat in a quiet villa ground of Nikko Kirifuri Highland.

Annex ONE MORE TIME HEART of the Open air bath with 1 building loan
Annex Gran Terrace of the Open air bath with Maisonette Room
You can choose from the type of Main Building ONE MORE TIME in the terrace and a half Open air bath with guest rooms.
※All rooms are "non smoking".There is a smoking place in each room, outdoor.
※All rooms are "2 adults only".Children can not stay, including late sleeping so please understand.

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • Birthday & Anniversary

    ~We will help you on your birthday / anniversary~
    ●Creative Hall cake made by full-time patissier
     12 ㎝ No. 4 ¥ 2,500, (reservation required until 3 days in advance)
    ※Depending on the season, fruits are left to you.
    ※Please note that we do not accept high season special days.
    ●Various Champagne
     Moët & Chandon(White·Champagne)
     Half ¥ 4,120, Full ¥ 6,180
     Lambrusco Italy(Red·Sparkling)Full ¥ 4,120
     Prosecco Spumante(White·Sparkling)Full ¥ 3,780
    ●Various flower arrangements, Depending on budget from ¥ 4,500
     Arrangements and bouquets, bouquets will be accepted.
     Because it will be ordered to the flower shop, reservation is needed two days in advance.
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Hotel Name

Open air·half open-air bath Inn NIKKO ONE MORE TIME


1542-265 Tokorono, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture

Telephone number



Free pickup: Tobu Nikko Station is three times from Tobu Nikko Station 15: 15, 16: 00, 17: 00.
On the day, please call the institution for reservation.
Since it will be up to 4 pairs at a time, it may be the next flight if you can not get on.
We do not accept advance time and reservation by e-mail.It will be reservation only on the day on the day.
TEL: 0288-53-5651
※There are no shops around the pension on foot, so please complete it around the station such as shopping.
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  • Rooms Open air bath with cottage ONE MORE TIME HEART

    Kirifuri Highland adults' hiding place standing in a quiet villa ground of Kirifuri Highland.A craftsman was built with enthusiasm, heart Heart in detail."The building is a warm space where the plenty of wood and plaster walls are harmonized.Facilities and interior are fine adult spaces "Please spend luxurious time relaxing with important people.Each room has different personality with different interior coordinates.

annex Gran Terrace

  • Open air bath with maisonette Annex Gran Terrace

    Surrounded by a quiet villa area of forest, ONE MORE TIME of the Annex - Grand Terrace over, as able to spend relaxing holiday, guest rooms in addition to the all-suite specification, we offer a with private open-air bathBecause the bed type and the interior coordination differ from room to room, you can choose your favorite type.Taste time is also recommended under fresh air and bright sunshine on its open air terrace as its name suggests.
    ※Gran Terrace is for adults only.Children can not stay so please understand.


  • A terrace with Open air bath, ONE MORE TIME

    Terrace Open air bath with a room with a panoramic view majestic Kirifuri Highland located in ONE MORE TIMEA chic building based on lemon yellow makes it fresh feeling blended into the surrounding nature.The interior with a calm atmosphere refreshes the tired mind of everyday life.Please spend a pleasant holiday in the green full of Kirifuri Highland.

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Telephone reception hours, AM7: 30 to PM11: 00