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An example of a creative course dish made entirely by chefs from appetizers.

Full-time chef is appointed.Take advantage of local ingredients and vegetables of your own vegetable garden and hospitablely handcrafted creative course dishes with full heart.Please enjoy sweet and discreet dessert made by pastry.

  • Dinner【Full Course】

    ~Creative course Food Example~
      Leading edge: Nikko specialty Yuba Tamari Soy Sauce
    3 appetizers: Vegetable terrine / white fish escabeche / roast pork
     soup: Homemade soup of the day
     Seafood Dish: Oven-baked scorpions, Fresh tomato sauce
     Meat Dish: Beef fillet steak, Seasonal vegetables served
     Meal: Chef's passion rice Tochigi Prefecture Koshihikari
     Pickled Vegetables: Tamari Pickled Seasonal Root Vegetables
    Dessert: Today’s Patissier’s Special Cake and Ice Cream Assortment
          Coffee or tea (hot only)

    ※There are minor changes depending on purchase and season. It will be an example.
    • 【Appetizer】
      All the chef's homemade Terrine will change according to the season.Local pickles and vegetable pickled vegetables also add color.
    • 【saup】
      Creamy mouth-watering potage
    • 【Fish dishes】
      Pan fried golden threadfin bream.It changes according to the season.
    • 【yuba】
      Local Nikko Yuba"Nikko Yuba" sashimi.Unique dentist touch
    • 【Meat dishes】
      Beef fillet steak, served with seasonal vegetables, with homemade Japanese-style sauce
    • 【Dessert】
      The cake made by full-time pastry chefs is passionate and modest in materials.
  • Breakfast

    Breakfast is scrambled eggs and salads, bacon, hashed potatoes, fruit and homemade soup and volume breakfast.
    Bread uses made-to-order at Kanaya Hotel.
    Spend a refreshing morning with a delicious coffee of passion.
  • Dining

    ※Main Building ONE MORE TIME Main Building one-time time, guests staying at the Annex Gran Terrace are dining at the Main Building 1 st floor dining room.

    ※Guests staying Independent Cottage Heart are meals at "Heart guest exclusive private room wind dining".
     (It will be moved as it is adjacent to the Main Building)

    ※Heart guests are the only guests who eat in private dining.