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An example of a creative course dish made entirely by the chef from the appetizer.

A full-time chef is appointed.We offer heartfelt hospitality to each handmade creative course dish that makes use of local ingredients and vegetables from our own garden.Enjoy the low-sweetness desserts made by pastry chefs.

  • Dinner【Full Course】

    ~An example of creative course cooking~
      Attached: Nikko specialty Yuba Tamari Soy Sauce
    3 appetizers: Vegetable terrine / White fish escabet / Roast pork
     Soup:    Today's homemade soup
     Seafood Dish: Oven-baked scorpion fish with fresh tomato sauce
     Meat Dish: Beef fillet steak with seasonal vegetables 
     Your meal: Chef passion rice Tochigi Prefecture Koshihikari 
     Pickled Vegetables: Tamari Pickled Seasonal Root Vegetables
    Dessert: Today’s Patissier’s Special Cake and Ice Cream Assortment 
          Coffee or tea(Hot only)

    *There are minor changes depending on stocking and season.This is just an example.
    • 【Appetizer】
      All our chef-made terrines change depending on the season.Local vegetables and pickled vegetables are also added to the color.
    • 【saup】
      Creamy mouthfeel potage
    • 【Fish dishes】
      Pan fried golden threadfin bream.It depends on the season.
    • 【yuba】
      Sashimi of local specialty "Nikko Yuba".Unique texture
    • 【Meat dishes】
      Beef tenderloin steak with seasonal vegetables Served with homemade Japanese sauce
    • 【Dessert】
      The cake made by the dedicated pastry chef is passionate about the ingredients.
  • Breakfast

    Breakfast is scrambled eggs, salad, bacon, hashed potatoes, fruits, homemade soup and hearty breakfast.
    Bread is made to order from Kanaya Hotel.
    Please spend a refreshing morning with a passionate delicious coffee.
  • Dining

    *Guests staying at the Main Building ONE MORE TIME and the Annex Gran Terrace will have a meal at the dining room on the 1st floor of the Main Building.

    *Guests staying in Independent Cottage Heart will dine at "private room dining exclusively for heart guests".
     (It is adjacent to the Main Building, it will be moved)

    *Guests dining in private dining rooms are only Heart guests.