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  2. Banquets and other events

Banquets and other events

  • Enjoy the changing seasons with your eyes and tongue

  • Banquet Hall

    There are venues from 18 square meters to 46 square meters and 91 square meters.
    It can be used for memorial services and meetings.

    In addition to cooking and beverages, a seating fee (300 yen per person) will be charged.
  • Seasonal dishes

    You can choose from 3 types of Kaiseki cooking course

    3,850 yen(Tax included)
     7 dishes such as appetizer, sashimi, grilled food, and tableware

    4,950 yen(Tax included)
     8 dishes including appetizer, starter, sashimi, main dish and grilled food

    6,050 yen(Tax included)
     9 dishes including appetizer, starter, sashimi, grilled food and main dish

    The contents change depending on the season.
    *The photo is an example of a 6,050 yen course.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact Okuizumo-Cho Cycling Terminal 0854-54-2100.