【Notice of no smoking in all rooms】All rooms will be non-smoking from October 10th.*For details, please see the information on this page.
Omura Central Hotel

【Official】Omura Central Hotel

【3/20 NEW OPEN★】 "Villa Sonogi Glamping & Auto Camp』

  • \\ Opening on March 20, 2023 (planned)!  //

    Sister Inn "Villa Sonogi Glamping Auto Camp"
    Opening on March 20, 2023 (planned)!

    Come empty-handed and enjoy a BBQ and a full-fledged outdoor experience.
    Enjoy movies and a wood burning stove in your room.
    A hot spring glamping villa opens in the forest of Sonogi.

    Reservations are scheduled to start around February.

Nationwide travel support “Furusato Heart Breathing Travel Campaign” restarts on January 10, 5th year of Reiwa

  • All plan booked on the Official website are eligible(~Until check-out on March 31, 2023)

    When making a reservation directly on the phone or on the Official website, it is necessary to make an advance offer to use the Nagasaki Heart Breathing Trip Campaign.(If you made a reservation on the Official website, please call the hotel and apply in advance.)

    At the time of check-in, it is necessary to submit an "accommodation fee discount application form and area limited coupon receipt".To avoid congestion at the accommodation facility, please download it in advance and fill it out and bring it with you.(link below)

    When using the hotel, it is necessary to present a three-time vaccination history or a negative test result notification, as well as identification cards for all guests.(If you pay in advance by credit card, etc., you will not be eligible for the discount.)

    Please check each site for reservations such as Rakuten Travel and Jalan net.

All rooms are non-smoking

  • Notice

    Thank you for visiting Omura Central Hotel.
    Considering the many guests' requests for non-smoking rooms and the adverse health effects of second-hand smoke, we are gradually banning smoking from guest room floors that have completed renovations.

    *All rooms will be non-smoking after the renovation on October 10, 2022.

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to all smokers staying at our hotel, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation in requesting that you smoke in the designated areas.

Official video of the sister inn "Tsuwabuki no Hana" is now available! (Youtube)

  • Official Youtube of the inn "Tsuwabuki no Hana" has been created!

    Our sister inn,
    The introductory video of "Sonogicha Onsen Satoyama no Yuyado Tsubaki no Hana" has been completed!
    Official is open to the public on the official Youtube.

    Enjoy the seasonal taste of Kyushu and Nagasaki and the hot springs with beautiful skin
    A separate inn with an open-air bath in all rooms.
    In "Tsuwabuki no Hana" that reproduces the original scenery of Japan
    Please enjoy the atmosphere of a good old trip.

We have started a meal menu that you can order from your room!

  • ************************

    We have started a service that allows guests using our hotel to order meals in their rooms after check-in.Kibun" adjacent to the hotel.Enjoy a variety of dishes prepared by Japanese chefs who regularly serve kaiseki cuisine using seasonal ingredients at a reasonable price in your room.

    ■Time available for meals
    11: 30-15: 00
    17: 00-21: 30
     *Handing over will be at the front desk on the 1st floor of the hotel

About new coronavirus infection prevention

  • Our efforts

    About infection prevention
     ・Hand sanitizing alcohol spray is available in this facility.
     ・In front of the front counter, we have installed a hypochlorite jet.
     ・Regularly sterilize handrails, door knobs, elevator buttons, etc.
     ・Employees thoroughly check their health at the start of work and thoroughly wash their hands, gargle, and disinfect their hands at the time of admission.
    About provision of meals (free breakfast)
     ・Our breakfast is served in individual serving style (in small bowls).
    About guest rooms
     ・When cleaning the guest room, we thoroughly perform ventilation and disinfection work.


  • We are returning the complimentary breakfast to our previous serving style

    As the process of self-restraint progresses, the hotel's free breakfast is reverting to its previous state.
    Originally, customers should use tongs and ladles to reduce the dishes
    It was a style that you can put it in a small bowl in advance and take it freely.
    From the perspective of safety and security, we have made the following improvements.

    ・I put the chopsticks in a bag
    ・For dressing, we abolished bottles and made disposable sachets.
    ・The salad was divided into plastic containers and arranged.
    ・I put the bread in a bag
    ・Disposable gloves are available in the rice and miso soup corner.
    ・The seats facing each other have been abolished and the intervals between the seats are wide.

    Enjoy the popular complimentary breakfast.

What are the three reasons for Omura Central Hotel?

  • Part 1 Good access and ideal for business!

    ① "Train" 3 minutes walk from JR Omura Station
    ② "Car" 7 minutes by car from Nagasaki Expressway Omura IC!
    ③ "Airplane" 8 minutes by car from Nagasaki Airport
    ④ "Bus" A 2-minute walk from the Omura Bus Terminal, which is convenient for accessing the Omura
    It is the best location and environment for business.
    ★3 minutes walk to the convenience store (LAWSON 7-Eleven).
  • Part 2 Free delicious breakfast!

    Free breakfast with a wide variety of Japanese and Western menus
    You can enjoy!

    Natural breakfast "Nagasaki "gegemon""! 
    With a format that allows you to freely take a small bowl in consideration of balance,
    A wide variety of menus
    Please do as you like.
  • Part 3 Large parking lot available.All free!

    We have a large parking lot that can accommodate about 90 cars.
    All large vehicles, which are commercial vehicles, can be used free of charge.


Google Map

Hotel Name

Omura Central Hotel


18-13 Higashi-Sanjo Town, Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture

Telephone number



◆3 minutes walk from JR Omura Station
◆8 minutes by car from Nagasaki Airport
◆7 minutes by car from Expressway Omura IC
◆2 minutes walk to Omura Bus Terminal

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April 2020 NEW OPEN【Satoyama no Yu Tsubaki flowers】

  • Sogicha Onsen Satoyama no Yu "Tsubaki flowers"

    ︎ Address 981 Suginoo, Hitotsuishigo, Higashisonogi-cho, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki
    ︎ Check-in from 15:00 to 18:00
     (Luggage can be stored before check-in)     
    ▶ ︎Check out until 11:00
    ︎ Total number of guest rooms 13 rooms (all rooms have open-air baths) All guest rooms are equipped with wireless Wi-fi
    ︎ Access 22 minutes by car from Nagasaki Airport / 18 minutes by car from JR Takematsu Station / 9 minutes by car from JR Omura Interchange Nagasaki Expressway / 14 minutes from Higashi Sogi Interchange

Reservations / Inquiries

If you have any questions, please contact us.