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  2. Reliable and safe ingredients

Reliable and safe ingredients

  • The body is made up of food, and Izu ’s delicious food···

    Please enjoy the health-friendly country cuisine using seasonal vegetables procured from local affiliated farmers, pesticide-free locally grown 7-minute brown rice, and homemade miso.

    The dishes are roasted and sashimi using fresh seafood caught in Suruga Bay
    We offer a variety of dishes such as game dishes using venison and boar meat, simmered dishes using fresh pesticide-free vegetables grown at the sanso, and marinated dishes.
  • Numazuko seafood

    Nakaizu, it is about an hour's drive to Numazuko, one of Japan's leading ports.Along with rich mountain products, you can easily get fresh seafood.
    We also serve seafood and sashimi directly from Numazu basic dishes.
  • Pesticide-free cultivation

    Cabbage etc
    I used coffee powder for insect repellent
    Using an insect repellent named Cold Sauce
    We realize organic pesticide cultivation.
  • Homemade miso

    Miso is homemade made with mortar and pestle.
    I am using rice koji made with soybeans made of Nakaizu and non-pesticide rice.
  • Seven-shaped rice

    Please enjoy the pesticide-free rice harvested in Nakaizu
    We are using.
  • It has been well-received for its simplicity not found in inns and hotels, and its cooking content that does not make you feel the price.
    For those who come to relieve stress in urban life, we have a passion for this so that you can feel free to use it as a healing inn for those who wish to stay after illness.
    In addition, we are always thinking of a menu that will not let people stay overnight as a hot spring sanatorium.
    Furthermore, in order to make various dishes various variety - also the course which the abalone in the near waters and the Ise shrimp etc is eaten also starts to be the market price by the additional charge.

    ★Please ask at the time of booking for course details.