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Hot spring cure21 Omisanso
To another home···Welcome home

【Official】Hot spring cure21 Omisanso

The middle of the Izu peninsula, as a base for sightseeing

In the middle of the Izu Peninsula where a lot of untouched nature remains.
Omisanso is a hot spring retreat where you will be greeted with hot springs and natural food.

Izu Peninsula is surprisingly small Looking around, about two hours by car to the south of Izu from here Nakaizu
It is possible to reach Higashi-izu and Nishiizu

Of course, there are many attractions in Nakaizu,
We hope you will refresh your body with your stay and enjoy the nature of Izu with your eyes and ears.

“Now is Shizuoka Genki Tabi” Nationwide version will resume from accommodation on January 10, 2023

  • ※Not applicable for bookings made by December 22, 2022※

    "Now is the time! Shizuoka Genki Tabi" will resume after 2023.
    ■Reservation period:December 23, 2022 to March 31, 2023
    ■Accommodation period:January 10, 2023 to March 31, 2023

    If you plan to use the service from our website, please indicate "Discount request" when making a reservation and we will apply for it.Please make a reservation according to the guidelines of each reservation site.
    On the day of the event, please bring your 3-dose vaccination ticket and an identification card (driver's license, etc.) residing in Japan.
    Please note that if you forget it, you will not be able to apply.

"The 13 Lords of the Kamakura" set in Izu opens the Taiga Drama Hall

  • Achieved 10,000 visitors! To Izunokuni, the birthplace of HojoYoshitoki

    In "Izu City", the birthplace of Hojo Yoshitoki and a country related to the Hojo family, the Taiga Drama Hall was opened for the broadcast of the taiga drama "The 13 Lords of the Kamakuraden".It is a facility where you can fully experience the world view of the taiga drama by exhibiting making videos centered on location in the city, stories and cast introduction panels.

    Location:772 Yokkamachi, Izu City Inside the Nagiyama Era Theater
    Opening period:From January 15, 4th year of Reiwa to January 15th, 5th year of Reiwa≪Schedule≫
    Opening hours:From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
    ◆It will take about 30 minutes by car from our inn for about 15 km.◆

Meals will be divided into two parts depending on the number of groups reserved.

  • About meal correspondence

    Our inn has 5 rooms, and meals are basically served at the "restaurant",
    From the viewpoint of virus infection prevention, if there are a large number of staying groups, please take measures at the restaurant.

    ● From 17:30
    ● From 18:30

    It will be a two-part system.※Partition installed.
    If the room is full, we ask that customers in the 18m2 Japanese-style room on the 1st floor serve meals in their room.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

About measures to prevent virus infection

  • Request for facility measures and cooperation with customers

    【Facility measures】
    ·Employee physical condition management,Wearing a mask
    ·Regular disinfection of the facility, bathroom, and public space, ventilation at any time
    ·Alcohol for disinfection is installed in this facility.

    【Ask the customer】
    ·Please wear a mask when visiting the museum.
    ·Please cooperate in disinfecting your fingers at the entrance.
    ·Please be careful about your physical condition when you leave, and if you are unwell, please cancel.In that case, you will not be subject to the cancellation fee.

Please spend a relaxing time both physically and mentally at the hot spring sanatoriums in Izu Amagi and Satoyama

  • We welcome you with the warmth of home

    It is a hot spring cure place of short-term stay style Oomisansou that is located in Nakaizu Omi Onsen Town, Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture.
    Please heal your daily fatigue with 100% springs boasting the best spring quality of Izu, and a healthy hot spring cure meal that makes your body clean.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.