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Enjoy your stay

  • Health improvement by walking

    • History & nature exploration by walking

      Would you like to refresh your mind by walking on the walking course centered around the Kobisawara primeval forest and around Banjo-no-takil Waterfall the castle that were built by volunteers in the Nakaizu District? One way from the sansoEnjoy between your stays
    • course ②

      A course that goes through Saisho-in of the Zen temple praised as a temple with a good atmosphere by Kyoto's people.
      It produces weeping cherry blossoms in spring, autumn leaves in November, and quaint Nakaizu.
      It takes 1 hour.
    • course ③

      Because of the mild climate, the Nakaizu District has been a place where people have lived since ancient times in Jomon.
      There are plan to trace the ruins.
      It takes 1 hour.
    • course ④

      As a starting point of the shortest course going around Mt. Banzaburo that is the main peak of Mt Amagi, the golf course on the Amagi highland is well known for the most popular entrance of the climbing mountain, but it is only 30 minutes by car to that point.
      It is called Amagi Shakunage course, and takes approx. 5 hours.
      The best hiking season is from mid-April to May, when the Amagi rhododendron begins to bloom, and the autumn leaves in November.
      In addition, we recommend that you bring light miso for 3 months from December.
  • Fully Enjoy Hot Springs

    • Hot spring pH value 9.17, smooth skin

      There are two large and small hot spring facilities in this facility. You can use it as a charter for each group whenever it is available. The source is drained manually. While bathing, adjust the temperature and enjoy as much source as you like from the tap.
  • Agricultural experience

    • From 2 people

      Potatoes in the first season of July at farms operated in the city,
      Corn in August and September, sweet potatoes in October
      You can enjoy the harvest experience plan.
      In some cases, you can enjoy the experience at the sanso

      ●corn:1,000 JPY(Free Gift Included)
      ●sweet potato:1,000 JPY(Free Gift Included)
  • Healthy hot spring medical treatment

    • Unexperienced taste-Features of hot spring health food

      ·Pesticide-free local rice 7 minutes
      ·Homemade organic vegetables
      ·Wild plants grown with the blessings of nature
      ·Seafood from Numazuko
      ·Homemade miso made with mortar and rice cake using local rice and organic soybeans

      Breakfast is a Japanese set meal featuring homemade miso soup!
      Please refill the rice and miso soup.