Chidori Ryokan

An inn with cuisine that shines with the skill of craftsmen who pursue the importance of every drop of water.

A white-walled inn that cherishes the thoughts and history of its founder, "Shige's Grandma."
Located about a 1-minute walk from the sea, we pride ourselves on fresh seafood from Suooshima.
Enjoy the history of this facility, the skill of its chefs, and the atmosphere of a chic hideaway.

What is Chidori Ryokan?

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    In February 1945, the year after the end of the war, from Jinan City, Sandong Province, China,
    Chidori's founder, `` Shige's Grandma, '' boarded the Koan Maru with her three children and returned to Sasebo Port.
    The ``three water bottles'' at the entrance of Chidori Ryokan are treasured keepsakes of my grandmother who saved our family's lives.
    In this old white-walled building "Chidori Ryokan" left by my grandmother,
    We offer historical plover cuisine and fresh seafood caught on Suo-Oshima Suooshima, surrounded by Seto Inland Sea.

    This facility will be opened in the spring of Reiwa 4 as a relaxing inn where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Showa era.
    All rooms have been renovated and are fully equipped with baths and toilets.


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Hotel Name

Chidori Honten


1845-3 Higashiagenosho, Suooshima Town, Oshima County, Yamaguchi Prefecuture

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Approximately 30 minutes by car from JR Obatake Station.
Approximately 50 minutes by car from Sanyo Expressway Kuga IC.
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