【Official】Asamushi Onsen Tatsumikan

Guide to using the main building, ~Good old things, Coziness~

  • The main building's appearance

    Showa 13 Main building which continues to be loved since the foundation

    In the main building of Sukiya, with a warm color scheme,

    While feeling somewhere nostalgic, I will realize a fine stay.
  • Wrapped in a little wood smell, enjoy Asamushi Onsen from the heart

    ◎ Pre-order by phone ◎
    The main building is a guide to the atmosphere full of atmosphere of Sukiya.
    With extensive room variations such as 14 square meters and 10 square meters in 2 rooms or a 21 square meter large room,
    It is also recommended for couples, families, groups.

    ※All rooms in the main building are guided to the second floor. (We do not have an elevator.)
    ※Meals are taken at the restaurant.
    ※As there are many rooms facing the mountain side, guests who place importance on the view should be requested when making a reservation.
  • ~Customers using the main building~

    As for the bathroom, you can use the main public bath in the main building.
    Please enjoy yourself to my heart 's content.

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Please make your reservation between 8:30 and 22:00