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Things to do

  • entrance

    • In front of the entrance, a kite picture greets you

    • A warm sunny day is plugged in

  • Lounge

    • Drink coffee, have a look at the garden ponds and flowers and have a relaxing moment

  • Souvenir corner

    • We have Aomori · Asamushi crafts and specialty items

    • Mr. Artist Masaharu Suzuki's T-shirt that is affiliated with Aomori (2,000 yen)

  • Surrounding tourism

    • Please have a nice time with dolphin show and rare fish

      Asamuchi Aquarium

      Asamuchi Aquarium tickets There are two plan with adults.
      ※Please purchase for children by local (500 yen/elementary school student)
    • Road station Yu as Asamushi

      Access from the hotel · 2 minutes on foot!