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Lots of homemade side dishes! Buffet Breakfast

We will cheer for your every morning with seasonal dishes!

In spring, soft and sweet winter vegetable dishes from the prefecture, summer, the tomato juice made with sweet tomato is very popular each year.
As for autumn, rice of new rice is still indispensable.
To accompany it, we recommend salted fish with squid of Niigata sake, Kikusui drinking cake.
In winter, simmered dishes using root vegetables such as radish are exquisite!
We are cheering for everyone's morning with dishes made by personally rich staff!

Prepared Koshihikari, which can not be tasted at other hotels, is very popular with handmade daily dishes on a daily basis!

Handmade prepared dishes made with vegetables purchased from contract farmers have a good nutritional balance and turn into vitality in the morning.
In addition, rice is safe Koshihikari produced in the prefecture, it is a rice of passion which cultivated by reducing more than 60% from the amount of agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizer used in the prefecture cultivation guidelines.
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  • Effect of breakfast

    Our body uses energy while sleeping.
    Therefore, it is important to refill energy and nutrients used during bedtime and those necessary for activities in the morning with breakfast.