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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use a credit card?

    Only cash is available locally.
    It is possible to make a card payment at the time of booking.
  • Please tell me the amenities of the Cottage (holiday home)

    Rinse in shampoo and body soap are available.
    There is no preparation of Yukata and towels, so please bring them.
    Those who have forgotten tContinue reading
  • Can I speed up my check-in?

    It is possible if the previous customer is not coming.
    Extra charges will be incurred.
    Please confirm by telephone in advance.
  • Can I extend the checkout time?

    It is usually up to 10 o'clock but it is also possible to extend according to the situation on that day.
    Extra charges will be charged separContinue reading
  • Can I smoke in the room?

    Smoking is prohibited inside the Cottage and this facility.Please smoke outside.
  • Are there facilities such as dryers?

    There is a hair dryer in the main public bath.
    There are also installations of dryers in the Cottage, so please use it.
  • Is there a public bath?

    Cottage (rental villa) have a bath toilet.
    There is a hot-spring bath "Shaka-no-Yu" in the main building with a 5-minute walk, but log CottContinue reading
  • Can you bring in food and alcohol?

    Customers using log houses can bring food, sake, juice, etc. freely,
    You can cook as you like.
    You can buy it out on a low budget and have iContinue reading
  • Why are there many families?

    For children, nature experiences such as river play, insect trapping,
    For adults, you can enjoy extraordinary things such as rice to eat outContinue reading
  • Is it true that tap water is delicious?

    The tap water of Katashina Village is certified as The Top 100 Famous Waters of the Heisei Period.
    Snow and rain that fell on the surroundiContinue reading
  • Is there a hot spring?

    There is a hot spring in the main building's inn.
    Although it is a small public bath,
    Katashina Onsen springs out,
    You can heal daily fatiguContinue reading
  • What kind of place is it?

    Tomeiso is not on the mountain side but on the banks of the satoyama, which is not even in the city.
    Surrounded by mountain scenery, it is iContinue reading
  • Is there a mountain road driving?

    Numata IC, go straight on National Route 120 and enter Katashina Village.
    In the past, there was a mountain road named Shiisaka Pass this RContinue reading
  • What is on the barbecue equipment rental set?

    The barbecue set you lend here is a set of charcoal, nets and iron plates.
    We usually rent it at a set of 3000 yen.
    It is easy to use with aContinue reading
  • Can you play fireworks, river or something?

    Is directly in front of the Cottage is flowing is Katashina River, you can swim in a river.
    From spring to autumn, while doing a barbecue fContinue reading
  • How to access by car

    From Tokyo, take Kan-etsu Expressway to Niigata.
    From Numata IC to Nikko and Oze via National Route 120 for about a hour.
    Turn left at KamContinue reading
  • Is there a parking lot?

    Parking in the main building and Cottage is free.
    Cottage (rental villas) can be stopped by car, so it is okay with food and drinks, changinContinue reading
  • Is there a vending machine?

    There is a vending machine for drinks in the main building, a 5-minute walk from the Cottage (holiday villa).
  • Can you stay with pets

    I'm sorry.We do not allow pets.
  • Can I arrange a tennis court or gym?

    Katashina Village has several tennis courts, gymnasiums and so on.
    Arrangement is also possible, but it may not be possible if it is not earContinue reading
  • Please tell me the ski area around.

    White World Oze Iwakura, about 8 minutes by car.
    It is approximately 15 minutes by Katashina Kogen Ski Resort, car.
    About 20 minutes by carContinue reading
  • What are the tourist attractions around?

    It is approximately 20 minutes by car to entrance Tokura Oze.
    There are alpine plants and footbaths at altitudes of 2,000 m, glass skiing, rContinue reading
  • When is the view of autumn leaves?

    This is a cool plateau in summer, so autumn leaves are also a little early.
    It will be around every year from around mid September.
    SpecificContinue reading
  • When is the cherry blossom viewing?

    There is a row of cherry blossom trees along Katashina River which is close to Koshimoto.
    Every year from mid-April onwards the Golden WeekContinue reading
  • What about supermarkets around?

    convenience store: Car about 10 minutes Daily Yamazaki
    Supermarket:Approximately 8 minutes by car
  • Is there a place to save money?

    About 10 minutes from this building in the direction of Numata, there is Gunma Bank near Katashina Village Office.
  • Are there seasonings etc.

    Cottage (holiday villa) is available at the hotel.
    We recommend you bring anything you need.
    I think that you can lend it if you can come toContinue reading
  • Access method other than car

    There are buses leaving from Joetsu Line/Numata Station or Joetsu Shinkansen/Jomokogen Station.
    The nearest bus stop is the Konaka, but pleContinue reading
  • Can I connect to the Internet?

    Wireless LAN (free) connection is available in the main building, Japanese style room.
    Since the internet environment of the 3 cottages are Continue reading
  • Can radio waves of mobile phones pass?

    Please do not worry.
    The radio waves of all mobile phones are connected.

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