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Log Cottage

Information on Log House Cottage

  • Also when you use Log Cottage
    Please be sure to check in / check out in the main building.
  • It is a real log house of Finland / Pine.

    The rich tree fragrance releases your mind.Because it is an independent building,
    Enjoy your free time only with your family and friends without having to worry around.
    You can enjoy.
    As a standard, Building A and B have 8 people for each,
    It can reasonably be accommodated up to about 10 people.

    bus, Flush toilet
    Skier's Head(4 people)
    loft(About 6 people possible)
    Price: From \ 5,000 per person
    (It is recommended to use at least 4 people.)
  • Basic equipment

    bus, Flush toilet
    Skier's Head(4 people)
    loft(About 6 people possible)
    Price: From \ 5,000 per person
    (It is recommended to use at least 4 people.)
  • Kitchen Goods

    * We have installed kitchen goods such as pot, pan, kitchen knife, strainer, chopping board, otama, frying, kettles, plates, cups, crackers, whiskers, bowls, dishwashers, etc. in all the buildings.
  • Foodstuff etc. are prepared by yourself

    For meals please use the kitchen provided, free of dishes etc.

    (You can also eat in the main building at your request.The fee will be different)
  • Skier's Head (Building A·Building B)

    Please rest at ease with the scent of Finland Pine.
  • A bedroom using a loft

    It is a plenty of space.
  • Barbecue place

    There is a covered barbecue place on the premises so you can enjoy barbecue even on rainy days.
  • Natural Hot Springs, Shaka-no-Yu

    Because it is within this facility, guests in the main building can take a bath for 24 hours.
    Log Cottage guests are not allowed to close at night from 23 o'clock to 7 o'clock.

    By gender, 7 or 8 people at the same time put in each.
    Please extend your limbs and heal the tiredness of the day.

    What is the indication of "Shaka-no-Yu", the efficacy ...? .
    Please ask directly to your husband.I will kindly explain in detail.

    (With shower)

Cottage A・B

Cottage C

Basic information on Log Cottage

Number of buildings3 buildings
Standard room facilities【Building A·Building B】
both, MAX Capacity 10 people
○Living dining area about 16 m² · bedroom about 6 m² · loft about 20 m²
○In the kitchen, IH stove, microwave, refrigerator, desktop gas stove
○unit bus·Western-style toilet
○There are 2 bunk beds in the bedroom (4 people sleeping possible)
○There are six futon sets in the loft.

【Building C】
○MAX Capacity 18 people
○LDK 25 m²·Japanese Style 10 square meters·Western-style room 10 sq m·Loft about 50 m²
○Kitchen with gas stove, microwave, large refrigerator
○Independent bath·Flush toilet·Washing machine·Wash basin
○Western style Japanese-style room can sleep 3 each person · Loft can sleep 12 people

* You can not make a reservation by designating each building.
 Depending on the reservation situation of the day, I will specify it here.
 Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Internet relatedNo Internet connection
AmenitiesWe do not provide amenities.Please bring towels, toothbrushes, pajamas etc from your home.
Facility contentBBQ
Service & Leisure (including arrangement)Shogi / Go / Mahjong / gymnasium(Toll) / ground(Toll) / Tennis(Toll)
Credit cards available locallyPayment of credit cards can not be done on site.
Standard check-in time15:00
Standard checkout time10:00