Urasin Minsyuku
Base camp of play.

【Official】Urasin Minsyuku

Tourist Home Urasin Minsyuku.Thank you for seeing.

This year's Urasin Minsyuku also uses a Tourist Home and Tourist Home like a home
We are waiting for family members.
Urasin Minsyuku, a nature experience, a sports camp, a business, a sightseeing, a tidal journey,
We are using it for various purposes such as Okutadami sightseeing.Next to the important cultural property of the country


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Urasin Minsyuku


904 Suhara, Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture

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Kanetsu Expressway Koide IC about 20 minutes.Route 252 Echigo-Suhara Station 2 minutes.

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