2. Surrounding facilities·Experience

Surrounding facilities·Experience

  • Megurotei/Echigo Yukikura-Kan/Handmade craft tea

    • Megurotei

      The thatched architecture built in 1797
      In a mansion to an important cultural property of the country
      It is specified.

      Traffic / 1 min walk from Urasin Minsyuku
      TEL / 025-797-3220
      Worship / Paid
    • Echigo Yukikura-Kan

      Yukkura store using snow and
      It is important to observe the process of sake brewing
      I can do it.

      Traffic / 3 minutes on foot from Urasin Minsyuku
      TEL / 025-797-2777
    • Eco-craft handmade craft, Tea ceremony

  • Mount Sumon/Suhara Ski Resort/Okutadami Recreation City Park

    • Mount Sumon

      Altitude 1538 m
      Treasures of alpine plants
    • Suhara Ski Resort

      Variable from the summit
      1500 m of Long Hill
      Ski / snowboard OK
      You can enjoy from beginner to advanced.

      Traffic / 2 minutes on foot from Urasin Minsyuku
      TEL / 025-797-2059
    • Okutadami Recreation City Park

      Even small children are safe
      I can play.

      Traffic / 5 minutes on foot from Urasin Minsyuku
  • Experience menu ①

    • Agricultural experience

      ·Rice plants, · Rice reaping, etc.
    • Forestry experience

      ·Mushroom pieces, etc.
    • Local food experience

      ·Sasami dumpling, · Timaki, etc.
  • Experience menu ②

    • Experience the Nature

      ·River play, ·Picking vegetables, ·Walking Nooyama
    • Char-grilling experience

      【Required confirmation:Toll】

      We will pick you up from your nearest facility.
    • Winter experience

      ·Ski classroom, God of the deities, · Mochiki, etc.