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Surrounding tourism


    Around the hotel, there are sightseeing spots that represent Osaka.
    Please leave your luggage and enjoy the atmosphere of Osaka.
    • ©(Public good)Osaka Tourism Bureau

      Kuromon Market

      A large market known as "Osaka's Kitchen
      From Sakaisuji street, one street ahead on the east spreads from north to south, and and on the street with a total length of 580m
      There are about 180 stores including fresh fish stores, fruit and vegetable stores, and various other stores.
      From early in the morning, many chefs of Minami came to buy ingredients.
      There are plenty of eating and drinking establishments that gourmet food.
    • ©(Public good)Osaka Tourism Bureau

      Nippombashi Denden Town

      An electrical appliance retail town alongside Akihabara
      Electric machinery · Audio · carpenters · tools · machines · personal computers etc
      Nippombashi Denden Town is lined with specialty stores.
      It is an old post town called "Nagamachi" in the Edo period,
      After the war the shop handling parts and tools for home made radio
      Developed as an electric town triggered by the appearance of it, it has reached the present Denden Town.
      In recent years, Akihabara, cosplay and maid cafes have begun to appear.
      In addition, at the Nippombashi Information, you can use a service that guides visitors to shops.
    • © National Bunraku Theater

      National Bunraku Theater

      1 minute walk from "Nippombashi Station Sakaisuji Line Subway Line / Sennichimae Line
      There is a Bunraku Theater with a total of 753 seats and a small hall with a total of 159 seats.
      Besides Bunraku, he performs various performances such as dance, Japanese music, popular entertainment.
      Doll Joruri (Bunraku) is, in the early Edo period had been nationally staged,
      Joruri the cooperation of two geniuses, Monzaemon Chikamatsu and Gidayu Takemoto.
      One day Osaka established the position of "home", and it has reached the present.
      Because you can touch Japanese culture, not only overseas customers,
      It is also recommended for domestic travel.

    Osaka Minami Ebisu Bridge of the central area Dotonbori(Ebisubashi)Neighborhood,
    You can enjoy Osaka's atmosphere and food such as Shinsaibashi and Tsutenkaku Tower if you go a little further.
    You can enjoy the scenery of Tsutenkaku Tower and Abeno Harukas from the hotel window.
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      Tsutenkaku Tower·Shinsekai

      The downtown area of the southern part of Osaka City, famous for Tsutenkaku Tower, Janjan Yokocho Alley, and the signboard of a big puffer lantern.
      About 50 shops such as Kushikatsu shop, Doteyaki shop, Go Shogi club are lined up between north and south 130m.
      You can enjoy Osaka gourmet at "Janjan Yokocho Alley".
      The billboards of Biliken and Puffer lanterns will definitely look great on Instagram!
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      Dotonbori, symbolized by Shochikuza, Kani Doraku and Glico signs,
      It is a typical downtown area of Minami, Osaka.
      There are various genres of restaurants on the north side of Dotonbori-dori Street.
      It is full of tourists all the year round.
      Enjoy delicious takoyaki in Osaka, the city of eating!
    • ©(Public good)Osaka Tourism Bureau

      Tennoji Zoo

      Tennoji Zoo was opened in 1915 as the third zoo in Japan.
      In the park of about 11ha, including lions and chimpanzees,
      New Zealand that can only be seen at the popular Koala and Tennoji Zoo
      There are 200 species of 1000 animals kept, such as national birds and kiwis, and drills characteristic of a black face.
      At the same time, the environment of the animal habitat is reproduced as much as possible,
      We are progressing the implementation of "ecological exhibition" introducing the state of animals living there.
      Don't miss the Sai building that reproduces the African savanna!
    • ©(Public good)Osaka Tourism Bureau

      Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store

      Short from JR / Subway Each Line Tennoji Station and Kintetsu Abenobashi Station
      It is the largest grand open building in Japan in spring of 2014.
      Store design with the theme of "a place like a town", such as the world's leading brands and trend shops,
      Various stores are open.
      There are Tennoji mio and Q's mall in the outskirts and can enjoy gourmet and shopping.

    Osaka Castle area is an area where you can enjoy the history around Osaka Castle.
    Besides the castle, there are museums such as the history museum,
    It is an area where you can feel the history of Osaka such as Kyobashi, where old-fashioned downtown remains.
    • ©(Public good)Osaka Tourism Bureau

      Osaka Castle

      Osaka Castle Tenshukaku (castle tower) towering against the blue sky.
      Osaka Castle is Tensho years by Hideyoshi Toyotomi aimed at unification (1583),
      Construction started at the Osaka (Ishiyama) Honganji Temple Ruins.
      The current Castle Tower was built in 1931 by the citizens' donations Mayor of Seki
      Approximately 1.5 million yen (equivalent to about 75 billion yen at present) was collected and built.
      Castle Tower has been revived for the first time in 266 years, is 55m above the ground, has 5 floors and 8 floors, a shachi on the roof, and a tiger under the sword.
      The golden decorations given everywhere are shining brightly.(Registered tangible cultural assets of the country)
      The “Ogon-no-Chasitsu (Golden Tea Room)” actually displayed is also a highlight.
    • ©(Public good)Osaka Tourism Bureau

      Osaka-jo Hall

      Arena accommodates up to 16,000 people.
      Many concerts, exhibitions, sports competitions, etc. are held throughout the year.
      Please enjoy the scenery of Osaka Castle at night when you come to the concert!
    • A mint

      In constructing a modern state, the Meiji New Government,
      We have established a mint station in Osaka to manufacture money not less than currency in developed countries.
      The Mint held a founding ceremony on April 4, 1871 (1871).
      At that time, we started production of money by a landmark Western style facility,
      We played a role to introduce modern industries to our country in the early Meiji Period.
      In the spring, cherry blossoms pass through and it is crowded with lots of people.

    Outdoor for food and shopping, art, history, theme park, ocean.
    Osaka Bay Area is full of facilities that families can enjoy!
    • ©(Public good)Osaka Tourism Bureau


      World's largest aquarium that reproduces the natural environment surrounding the Pacific Ocean.
      Breeding The number of living beings exhibited is 620 species, 30,000 points.
      The giant water tank "Pacific Ocean" where the most popular person, whale shark, etc. swims in the same building,
      Tropical fish swim tunnel type of aquarium Fishes Pass Through Aqua Gate,
      A variety of aquariums such as “Antarctica” with penguins are attractive.
      If you enter the re-entry procedure, you can enter the building any number of times on that day.
      If you enter after 5pm, you may get a glimpse of the nightlife of the fish!
    • ©(Public good)Osaka Tourism Bureau

      Tempozan Marketplace

      Feel free to enjoy window shopping, fast food,
      You can dine in the restaurant facing the sea.
      "Tempozan Anipa" where you can interact with cute little animals,
      Facilities such as “Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho”, a collection of Kansai Specialty and long-established stores, are also available.
      Why do not you take a Ferris wheel on the way back from Kaiyukan?
    • Universal Studios Japan

      Theme park “Universal Studios Japan (USJ)” for children and adults
      Attractions with the theme of Hollywood movies to those based on themes of popular characters
      At the theme park where you can enjoy various ways of enjoying,
      Among them, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is very popular!
      Also, collaboration with popular anime and games, Halloween, Christmas, etc.
      Events that can be enjoyed by season, music live by artists, etc. are also held periodically,
      It is a theme park that can be enjoyed not only by young people but also by all families.