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【Official】Pension Bee

Fresh fish and relaxing time

The beautiful tropical sea that spreads before your eyes.The sunrise over the sea has a beauty that cannot be expressed in words.You can see it from the living room or terrace because the sea is in front of you.

The dishes are sashimi of natural white fish and salted bonito, caught locally a Fisherman style dishes of natural fresh lots of fish for zanmai.
Tosa and Japanese beef steak with a plan, winter also offers the lobster of the plan

The seaside just south of the mouth of the Shimanto River.It is a villa-like inn with meals for only 2 people per group per day.

【To customers】
We carry out temperature measurement, etc. at the request of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
① If you have a fever of 37 degrees or higher, or if you have cough or sore throat at check-in, please contact the health center and follow the instructions.
(2) Please understand that customers with fever, cough and sore throat will be canceled for the safety of our staff and the safety and security of the next guest.
(No cancellation fee)
*Since "Priority Measures for Prevention of Spread" has been applied to Kochi Prefecture, we will be closed from February 12th to March 6th.

Pension / Facilities

  • Garden in front of our Pension

    The beautiful tropical sea that spreads before your eyes.The Asahi seen from the sea has a beauty that cannot be expressed in words.You can see it from the terrace or window because the sea is in front of you.

    It is a handmade garden that I made over time.
    We cultivate various flowers, vegetables and herbs.Front of the tough environment for the flowers that direct sea breeze hits in the sea, but or raised from seed or looking for a strong varieties tide, we are challenged to TsukuriThe ideal garden is such a garden where various kinds of flowers are blooming like whispering.

  • Inside the Pension and location

    Inside the Pension with a focus on antique furniture and furniture.

    You can fully enjoy the natural air and the fresh fish of Kochi Prefecture in a private space.The Pension also boasts an open-air bath surrounded by bright flowers.

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Pension Bee


260-4 Naga, Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture

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Kochi Expressway Shimantocho-Chuo IC → Kuroshio-cho IC → R56 to Shimanto City → R321 to Ashizuri → → coast Nashishi, right south of the mouth of Shimanto River
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Greeting from the owner

  • greeting

    There are no clocks or TVs in the room, and mobile phones are almost out of service.

    Here you will find the magnificent sunrise over the sea, the sound of the waves, the voice of the birds, the beautiful moon and the starry sky.I think that because of this convenient age, it is possible to help the human body's intrinsic biological clock to start moving in a place where it is sometimes relaxing and flowing.

    The view from the seaside window is so wonderful that you can only see it here.We look forward to your visit.

    Owner Masayuki and Noriko Yamashita

Reservations / Inquiries

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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