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Accommodation Plans

Building and owner couple

☆It is an inn with only one group per day.We will provide hospitality so that you can relax like a villa with meals.☆

There are bedrooms on the 2nd floor, a living room with a view of the sea, a second living room, a terrace, etc. You can choose between double and twin bedrooms on the day.
There are two types of baths, an indoor bath and an open-air bath, which are reserved for two guests from evening to morning.
The main dishes are sashimi of high-quality white fish and salted bonito, but there are also plan Tosa Japanese black beef steak and spiny lobster caught locally
plan for each dish, so please refer to Jalan
☆Since there is a lot of plan to other of the following plan, or give us a call directly, please refer to the plan list of Pension Bee of Jalan net.
  • ☆Natural high-class white fish "sashimi boat funamori-style" "bonito salt tataki" fish shabu-shabu, ara boiled, tea flavored wet rice with broth, etc plan! ☆

    〔Plan Details〕
    ★A plan where you can enjoy bonito caught in Kuroshio, using natural salt and yuzu citrus, and "salt tataki of bonito" that you can enjoy with the way of eating by local bonito fishermen. is!
    *Supper is lots of fish and there are Continue reading
    Room rate
    1 adult from ¥ 18,900(Tax included)
  • ☆Directly from the fisherman "Fisherman Kaiseki" "Salt tataki of bonito" Sashimi of white fish Sashimi boat funamori-style, fish shabu-shabu, etc.*Full of fish*Plan☆

    〔Plan Details〕
    ☆【Natural high-grade white fish sashimi】, "Katsuo salt tataki", "white fish shabu-shabu", "white fish ara grilled with salt", "white fish simmered" "NS...plan that you can enjoy various fisherman-style dishes using whole fish!
    *SuContinue reading
    Room rate
    1 adult from ¥ 19,900(Tax included)
  • ☆Fish shabu-shabu "Japanese black beef fillet steak" Natural high-class white fish in a boat funamori-style, bonito salt tataki and more! Fish + meat plan☆

    [plan contents]
    ★【Sashimi boat funamori-style of natural high-grade white fish】, "Tosa Kuro Wagyu beef fillet steak (about 100g per person)", "White fish shabu-shabu", "Katsuo salted tataki", "Salt grilled white fish dashi chazuke" and others...Continue reading
    Room rate
    1 adult from ¥ 23,900(Tax included)
  • ☆【Natural Que shabu-shabu】"Japanese beef filet steak" white fish sashimi boat funamori-style salt seared other plan ☆

    [plan contents]
    ★【Natural Que shabu-shabu】, "Tosa Kuroge Wagyu beef fillet steak (about 100g per person)", "Natural white fish sashimi boat funamori-style", Offshore caught bonito uses natural salt and yuzu citrus vinegar, and it will be enjoyedContinue reading
    Room rate
    1 adult from ¥ 25,900(Tax included)
  • ☆【Continuous stay at a seaside inn with lots of fish】*Feel like a villa with meals! Private space for two*~ Relaxing ~ plan! ☆

    [plan contents]
    ★lots of fish! It is a plan that you can relax and forget about the hustle and bustle, feeling like a "villa with food".
    ★Why don't you try to regain your "body clock" by the seascape and the sound of the waves?
    ★You can also enjContinue reading
    Room rate
    From ¥ 37,800 for 2 days for 1 adult(Tax included)