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Overnight Stay Plan

  • ☆【Fisherman direct! Fisherman Kaiseki】※Nature luxury white fish boat funamori-style·Skipjack Salt Tataki etc.※Fish saliva! This pushed one push! Plan☆

    ☆"Natural luxury white fish sashimi", "Skipjack Salt Tataki" and "White Fish Shabu-shabu" that uses natural salt and yuzu citrus to taste with Kuroshio Captured Bottle with local bonito fishermen's way of eating【Salt-grilled white fish Ara】【BoilContinue reading
    Room rate
    ¥ 17,900 from 1 adult(Tax Excluded)
  • ☆【Natural luxury white fish sashimi boat funamori-style】※Seared Skipjack Tuna with Salt·Simmered white fish ara·tea flavored wet rice with broth, etc※Plan♪ ☆

    ★A plan to enjoy the "bonito salt Tataki" etc, which tastes with the local bonito fishermen using the natural salt and yuzu citrus, mainly using the local "Natural luxury white fish sashimi", Kuroshio seared bonito, natural salt and citrus fruitContinue reading
    Room rate
    ¥ 16,900 per adult(Tax Excluded)
  • ☆Fish Shabushabu【Wagyu beef fillet steak】Nature luxury white fish boat funamori-style·Bonito Salt Tataki and Others! Fish + meat plan☆

    [ Plan Details ]

    ★"Natural luxury white fish sashimi boat funamori-style", "Kuroge Wagyu beef fillet steak (about 90 g per person)", "white fish shabu shabu", "bonito salt tataki", "salt-roasted white fish soup pickles" ·caught locally fresh fiContinue reading
    Room rate
    ¥ 19,900 per adult(Tax Excluded)
  • ☆【Natural Qua's Shabu-shabu】【Wagyu beef fillet steak】White fish's sashimi boat funamori-style·Skipjack Salt Tataki Other plan! ☆

    [ Plan Details ]

    ★"Natural Qua shabu-shabu", "Tosa Kuroge Wagyu beef steak (about 90 g per person)", "natural white fish's sashimi boat funamori-style", using the natural salt and citrus fruit of Oki wrapped bonito, local skipjack tuna fishermaContinue reading
    Room rate
    ¥ 21,900 per adult(Tax Excluded)
  • ☆【Continuous lodging at the beachfront accommodation of lots of fish】※A mood with a meal! 2 private spaces※~ Relaxing ~ plan! ☆

    [ Plan Details ]

    ★"Continuous lodging" in the seaside inn for lots of fish! 【Cottage with cooking】It is a plan that you feel at ease, forget the hustle and relax.
    ★Why do not you regain the "body clock" with the sounds of the sea landscape and Continue reading
    Room rate
    ¥ 33,800 to 1 adult(Tax Excluded)