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Accommodation Features·Facility

Facility Information

14F·Banquet room “Grade A Annex”
·Dining Grade A
7 to 13F·Rooms(215 rooms)
all rooms, Internet equipped
all rooms, Individual room air conditioning
Each floor, vending machine
6F·Tea room
·Japanese garden
·Chapel, temple
·Japanese Food, Katsuragawa
5F·Banquet Hall, Jubilee Ⅰ
·Jubilee Ⅱ
·Jubilee III
4F·Banquet Hall, Fair Wind Ⅰ
·Fair Wind Ⅱ
·Fair Wind Ⅲ
3F·Bridal salon
·Beauty salon "Atelier Masako"
·Banquet Hall
"King Arthur"
·Banquet reception
2F·Trattoria STABIANA
·Chinese Food, TOUKAEN
1F·Front desk lobby
·Souvenir corner
·Cafe & Bar, ERCOLANO
B1·Banquet hall "Jacqueline"
·Barber shop
·Dressing Room
B2·Multistory parking lot(100 units)
·For high roof(12 units)
  • Cafe & Bar, ERCOLANO

    In the summer the open terrace (pets allowed) is a bright lounge cafe with warm sunshine.
    A cafe style bar with a relaxing time in the evening.
  • Mediterranean Menu, STABIANA

    Mediterranean Menu using fresh ingredients. (Italian/Authentic french/French Cuisine)
    I will direct a special day.
    You can enjoy buffet style for lunch and course meal for dinner.
  • Chinese Food, TOUKAEN

    Chinese cuisine on a notch of the hotel.
    Yokohama Station is 5 minutes on foot from Yokohama Station and excellent transportation, so we recommend you to use it for banquets and entertainment.
    We will greet you with various menus from reasonable lunch set to authentic Chinese course.
  • Japanese Food, Katsuragawa

    Please enjoy full-fledged Japanese cuisine in the shop where you can enjoy a quiet Japanese garden where you can not imagine Yokohama Station.
    We also have an official tea room and a calming private room.
  • Dining & Bar, Grade A

    Dining hall and pole dance where you can enjoy various kinds of hotel's drinks and sake,
    At the bunny girl's escort, we hold various shows and entertainment.
    Yokohama Station is 5 minutes on foot from Yokohama Station and excellent transportation, ideal for drinking party or party venue.
  • Bars, GRADE MOON

    Grade Moon is a 5-minute walk from Yokohama Station and is the top floor bar of the hotel.
    We aim at space that can heal every day's fatigue in an unusual space.
    While striking a variety of the hotel 's sake, the chef' s hearty cuisine,
    A couple, a couple, and good friends ... Have a wonderful time at Grade Moon.
    There are counter seats inside the shop, and it is easy environment for women to enter easily.
    All the staff are waiting for your coming from the bottom of my heart.
  • Accommodations

    We offer a variety of room types, from single rooms to twins, triples, barrier-free rooms, Japanese-style rooms, and even wedding Elegance Room.
  • Banquet

    Hotel camelot japan has a large banquet hall Hotel camelot japan the Yokohama top class floor space.
    A maximum capacity of 1,000 people can hold a banquet for 500 people in one venue.
    We have private rooms from 20 people, seminars from lecture,
    Various applications such as party venue can be used
  • bridal

    Yokohama Station of Yokohama Station, we can accommodate large wedding ceremonies with over 500 people, traditional Japanese traditional ceremonial ceremony, Western style wedding in chapel.